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Dr. Claire Brown

Conquering Conversational Collisions between Men and Women™

  Claire Brown, Ph.D.
  John Bahcall Auditorium
  2pm March 16, 2015

Women and men DO have unique communication styles that don’t always mesh well. Code Switching offers a way of “reaching across the aisle” to open the lines of communication. It helps both women and men crack the gender code and speak in common terms, so work gets done, conflict gets resolved, and mutual understanding and respect prevail in the workplace and beyond.

The strategies of Code Switching are explored in this interactive session. Techniques are provided that can be applied directly with immediate success. Code Switching teaches men and women to create effective communication styles, learn from each other, and make the workplace inclusive.

At this program you’ll learn:

Dr. Claire Damken Brown, founder and president of Damken Brown and Associates, Inc., is a savvy speaker, industry consultant, and seminar leader specializing in diversity and equal employment opportunity strategies, gender communication, sexual harassment prevention, and cultural competency. Dr. Brown has 25 years of experience in Fortune 50 companies, featuring 16 years at AT&T Bell Labs and then Lucent Technologies directing diversity-related organizations, investigating discrimination cases globally, and training professionals. Her University of Denver doctorate degree focused on male/female workplace communication.

She enjoys consulting nationally with corporations, agencies, and communities to build inclusive leadership skills and harassment-free work environments. As an adjunct professor at Metropolitan State University of Denver, she engages students in hot topics when teaching the Management Department’s Workforce Diversity and Human Resource Management courses. Dr. Brown volunteers as the Diversity Director for the Colorado Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) state council. She is the coauthor of three books: Conflict and Diversity, Hampton Press, 1997; Code Switching: How to Talk So Men Will Listen, Alpha Books/Penguin, 2009; and, The Gender Communication Handbook: Conquering Conversational Collisions between Men and Women, Pfeiffer/Wiley, 2012. You may learn more about Dr. Brown, at her website,