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Welcome to the Hard Science/Soft Skills Lecture Series

Hard Science/Soft Skills is an innovative lecture series focused on addressing this issue. The series seeks to facilitate the transition of traditional paradigms in science, medicine, technology and engineering to enhance and invigorate the successful potential of these organizations as well as improve the quality of existence for "hard science" professionals and the myriad of other partners who share these workplaces.

Classic "hard science" disciplined organizations, such as science, medicine, technology and engineering, present culture-specific challenges and needs. Traditional professional behavior models are finding themselves at odds with the complex interpersonal dynamics required in today's workplaces.

Our speakers include renowned members of these communities whose life work, research and publications have been devoted to this pursuit. The talks will identify issues, suggest solutions and feature successes. This series is open to individuals of all disciplines.

2015 Lecture Schedule

April 28, 2015
Dr. David Ryback

March 16, 2015
Claire Brown

February 10, 2015
Dr. Joan T. Schmelz speakers will be announced as they are confirmed.

All lectures will be held in STScI's John Bahcall Auditorium, located in the Muller building on the campus of Johns Hopkins University.

All lectures will be webcast. On the day of the lecture, please go here for information about viewing the lecture via the web.

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