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IAU General Assembly XXVII - Joint Discussion #12
Joint Discussion Contacts

Tommy Wiklind
3700 San Martin Dr
Baltimore, MD 21230, USA
phone: +1-410-338-4396
fax:   +1-410-338-2617

Volker Bromm
University of Texas
Department of Astronomy
2511 Speedway, RLM 15.306
Austin, TX 78712, U.S.A.
phone: +1-512-471-3432
fax:   +1-512-471-6016

Bahram Mobasher
University of California Riverside
Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of California
Riverside, CA 92521
phone: +1-951-827-7190
fax:   +1-951-827-4529

Important Note:

Joint Discussion 12 was part of the scientific programme of the XXVII General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union, which took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 3-14 2009. This website contains information directly relevant to the Joint Discussion #12: The First Galaxies: Theoretical Predictions and Observational Clues.