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IAU XXVIII General Assembly: Special Session #13

Gas Flows in Galaxies

Program Prospectus

Tentative program as of July 11, 2012.

Key topics

Where the observations come from:

What physical information on stars can be determined from high-precision photometry?

The state of solar and stellar models and their weaknesses and uncertainties.

Advanced tests of stellar structure from seismology:

Stellar population studies enabled by seismology:

Going beyond the star as a perfect sphere:

Pulsating stars in a new light from space and from the ground:

Compact stars (e.g., white dwarfs) and their variability

Singular and unusual phenomena

Eruptive and flaring behavior in stars

The growth, evolution, and decay of spots on late-type stars

Binary stars as tests of stellar models, including eclipsing binaries

The future for precision tests:

Important Note

Joint Discussion 13 is part of the scientific programme of the XXVIII General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union, which will take place in Beijing, China, August 27-31 2012. This website contains information directly relevant to the Special Session #13: High-Precision Tests of Stellar Physics from High-Precision Photometry. Please check the GA website for all other information, including accommodations, social program, Visa information, etc.