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IAU XXVIII General Assembly: Special Session #13

Gas Flows in Galaxies

Scientific Organizing Committee

David R. Soderblom, Chair
Space Telescope Science Institute
Andrea Dupree, co-Chair
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Conny Aerts
Katholieke University Leuven
Martin Asplund
MPI für Astrophysik, Garching
Annie Baglin
Observatoire Paris-Site de Meudon
Timothy R. Bedding
University of Sydney
Jadwiga Daszynska-Daszkiewicz
Uniwersytet Wroclawski
LiCai Deng
National Astronomical Observatories, Beijing
Fabio Favata
European Space Agency
Jianning Fu
Beijing Normal University
Edward F. Guinan
Villanova University
Marc Pinsonneault
Ohio State University
Ignasi Ribas
Inst de Ciencies de l'Espai, Barcelona
Sylvie Vauclair
Observatoire Midi-Pyrenées
Werner W. Weiss
University of Vienna

Important Note

Joint Discussion 13 is part of the scientific programme of the XXVIII General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union, which will take place in Beijing, China, August 27-31 2012. This website contains information directly relevant to the Special Session #13: High-Precision Tests of Stellar Physics from High-Precision Photometry. Please check the GA website for all other information, including accommodations, social program, Visa information, etc.