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International Workshop on Planning and Scheduling for Space

IWPSS 2006 Proceedings

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Invited Talk Abstracts

Temporal Planning under Uncertainty by Sylvie Thiebaux read

Automated Mission Planning and Scheduling AMPS Support of Autonomous Operations for the ST5 Constellation by Robert Shendock and Jenny F. Williams read

Onboard Planning for Future Science Missions by Steve Chien read

Plenary Papers and Commentaries

Towards Proactive Replanning for Multi-Robot Teams by Brennan Sellner and Reid Simmons read

Commentator: Erhard Rabenau read

A Mathematical Programming Algorithm for Planning and Scheduling an Earth Observing SAR Constellation by Nicola Bianchessi and Giovanni Righini read

Commentator: David Kortenkamp read

Multi-Objective Scheduling for NASA's Future Deep Space Network Array by Mark D. Johnston read

Commentator: Roman Bartak read

Explanations and Recommendations for Temporal Inconsistencies by John L. Bresina and Paul H. Morris read

Commentator: Rob Hawkins read

Controlability and Makespan Issues with Robot Action Planning and Execution by Matthieu Gallien and Felix Ingrand read

Commentator: Sergio De Florio read

Drudgery Relieving Commands for Mixed Initiative Planning by Anthony Barrett and Thomas Starbird read

Commentator: Bill Workman read

Automated Allocation of ESA Ground Station Network Services by Sylvain Damiani, Holger Dreihah, Jorg Noll, Marc Niezette, and Gian Paolo Calzolari read

Commentator: Eduardo Romero, and Hector Esteban Carranza read

Validating Resource Usage in Least Commitment Planning by Nazma Ferdous and Mark E. Giuliano read

Commentator: Rob Sherwood read

FUSE Planning and Scheduling Under One-Wheel Attitude Control by Alice F. Berman, Humberto M. Calvani, James R. Caplinger, Thomas Civeit, and Mark Kochte read

Commentator: Sandra Mau read

Adaptive Resource Modelling for Autonomous Planning and Scheduling by Andrew Carrel and Phil Palmer read

Commentator: Alessandro Donati read

A generic modular architecture for the control of an autonomous spacecraft by Gerard Verfaillie and Marie-Claire Charmeau read

Commentator: Andra Venkateswarlu and Reiko Rager read

Mexar2 - An Operational Tools for Continuous Support to Mission Planning by Amedeo Cesta, Gabriella Cortellessa, Simone Fratini, Angelo Oddi, and Nicola Policella read

Commentator: Theresa W. Beech read

On-board Timeline Validation and Repair: A Feasibility Study by M. Fox, D. Long L. Baldwin, G. Wilson, M. Woods, D. Jameux, and R. Aylett read

Commentator: Mark S. Boddy read

Spatial Coverage Planning and Optimization for a Planetary Exploration Rover by Daniel M. Gaines, Tara Estlin, and Caroline Chouinard read

Commentator: Mark Giuliano read

Monitoring & Diagnosis on-board software module for Mars driller (MODI) by David Jameux, Raffaele Vitulli , Rita Almeida Ribeiro, Tiago Fonseca, Bruno Santos, and Manuel Barata read

Commentator: Stephen F. Smith read

Research Trends in Autonomous Space-Based Planning and Scheduling by Gina Moylan and Ella M. Atkins read

Commentator: Steve Chien read

In-Space Crew-Collaborative Task Scheduling by John Jaap, Patrick Meyer, Elizabeth Davis, and Lea Richardson read

Commentator: Bradley J. Clement read

Planning in the Dark: Robotic Sorties into Lunar Cold Traps (A Preliminary Report) by Robert A. Morris read

Commentator: Terri Wood read

Poster Papers

SOFIA's Challenge: Automated Scheduling of Airborne Astronomy Observations by Jeremy Frank read

Planning and Scheduling External Occulter Space Missions by Ian E. Jordan read

VEX MPS � supporting the Venus Express Mission Planning Concept by Bruno Teixeira de Sousa, Andrea Accomazzo, Ian Shaw, and Robin Steel read

Using an Artificial Intelligence Tool to Perform Science Data Downlink Planning as Part of the Mission Planning Activities of Mars Express by Erhard Rabenau, Amedeo Cesta, Angelo Oddi, Alessandro Donati, and Thomas Leaute read

Evaluating Scheduling Strategies for JWST Momentum Management by Reiko Rager and Mark E. Giuliano read

TransVERSE: A case study of re-engineering a mission critical planning tool for HST operations by Mark Giuliano read

Mission Operations Planning with Preferences: An Empirical Study by John L. Bresina, Lina Khatib, and Conor McGann read

Multi Agent Conflict Partition Scheduling for Coordinated Space Systems by Andrea Brambilla and Michelle Lavagna read

Scheduling to Minimize Downtime in Human-Multirobot Supervisory Control by Sandra Mau and John M. Dolan read

A Constraint Model for State Transitions in Disjunctive Resources by Roman Bartak and Ondrej Cepek read

Planning Application for Three Mars Missions with Ensemble by Arash Aghevli, Andrew Bachmann, John Bresina, Kevin Greene, Bob Kanefsky, James Kurien, Michael McCurdy, Paul Morris, Guy Pyrzak, Christian Ratterman, Alonso Vera, and Steven Wragg read

Producing Large Observation Campaigns Using Compressed Problem Representations by Russell Knight and Steve Chien read

Design of a Deep Space Network Scheduling Application by Bradley J. Clement and Mark D. Johnston read

Performances Optimization of Remote Sensing Satellite Constellations: a Heuristic Method by Sergio De Florio read

Domain Independent Planning for Space: Building a Bridge from Both Shores by Marcelo Oglietti read

Flexplan: An Operational Mission Planning and Scheduling COTS used Internationally by J.A. Tejo, M. Pereda, Iker Veiga, J.P. Chamoun, G. Garcia, and T. Beech read