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IAU Colloquium 156 : The Collision of Comet P/Shoemaker-Levy 9 and Jupiter
Late Breaking News

	Late Breaking News on IAU Colloquium 156


The meeting is now less than 2 weeks away!

registration dealine is May 1st. You can register by contacting
Cheryl Schmidt (; phone: 410-338-4404).

All abstracts have now been posted online and will appear in
an "abstract book" that will be distributed at the meeting.
There are a total of 131 posters. We will accept some LATE
posters on a first-come, first serve basis (depending on 
space availability). If you want to submit a late paper,
please send your abstract electronically to Hal Weaver


The registrants list has been updated.


There are now 119 abstracts online. Note that the "titles and
authors" list for the abstracts is NOT current. We will not
update the latter until all abstracts have been put online.



There are now 116 abstracts online.

An updated program, including specific times for all events,
is now available in both ASCII and Postscript versions.


The number of online abstracts is now 79. We have paper copies
of another 42 and hope to have those translated into electronic
form and posted by next week.

Zdenek Sekanina is replacing Hans Rickman as the Invited Speaker
for the talk on the tidal breakup of SL9. Sekanina's abstract
is now online.

We have updated the abstracts for the invited talks and the
charters for the workshops.

If you have not yet registered for the meeting, then you must
do so before May 1st. We need to get an accurate head count
for planning purposes.



We have received 23 abstracts for poster papers, and they are
now available online via this WWW page. We will be updating
the abstract catalog periodically as new abstracts are received.
Please note that the catalog of poster abstracts is not
necessarily consistent with the catalog of titles and authors,
since these documents are updated separately. In general, the
document containing the full abstracts will be more current.



The order of the workshops has been re-arranged in order to 
provide a closer correspondence with the related invited 

All workshop "convenors" have been specified, so the program
is now complete.

There has been some discussion about whether the afternoon
workshops should be held in parallel or in series. We have
tentatively decided on the latter. Serial sessions will
only be productive, however, if the groups don't become
too large. Thus, we hope that people will keep this in
mind when they are trying to decide whether or not
to attend a particular workshop. If you truly want
to participate, please don't hesitate to do so. But
if there is a large crowd and you are only mildly
interested, then it might be better if you visit
the poster session or take the opportunity to chat
with other colleagues who are not participating
in the workshop.

We are starting to receive poster abstracts, so the WWW
page now provides links to these abstracts. If you
plan to submit an abstract, please send it ASAP
via e-mail to both Hal Weaver (
and Cheryl Schmidt ( as either
a Latex file (preferred) or a plain ASCII file.
The submission deadline for abstracts is April 1st.


We have already received invitation requests from 248 people,
and we can only accomodate 325. So if you have not yet requested
an invitation, please do so immediately. Approximately 74 people
are formally registered for the meeting at this time, so a lot
of people with invitations have not yet registered. These latter
folks should get a moveon if they want to secure their places!