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2011 JWST Workshop
Speakers List

Invited Talks

Speaker Affiliation Talk Title
Bill Borucki NASA Ames Research Center A Compendium of Kepler Discoveries for JWST Follow up
Daniela Calzetti University of Massachusetts Star Formation in Galaxies in the Era of JWSTs
Mark Clampin GSFC Overview of the James Webb Space Telescope Observatory
René Doyon, et al Université de Montréal The JWST Tunable Filter Imager (TFI)
Richard Ellis Caltech Observing the First Galaxies
Kathy Flanagan STScI STScI's Role
Heidi Hammel AURA Solar System Opportunities with JWST
Thomas Henning MPI for Astronomy Gas in Protoplanetary Disks
Peter Jacobsen ESA The JWST Near Infrared Spectrograph (NIRSpec)
Jason Kalirai STScI Resolved Stellar Populations in the Near IR
Shri Kulkarni Caltech Transient Events
Crystal Martin UC Santa Barbara Weaving Circumgalactic Webs: The View from the Webb Telescope
Mike Meyer ETH Institute for Astronomy The "Final Frontier" of Star and Planet Formation: Piled Deeper and Wider
Alexandra Pope University of Massachusetts, Amherst Mid-infrared Observations of High Redshift Galaxy Evolution
Marcia Rieke University of Arizona The JWST Near Infrared Camera (NIRCam)
George Rieke University of Arizona The JWST Mid Infrared Instrument (MIRI)
Adam Riess STScI/JHU High Precision Measurements of Ho
Alice Shapley UC Los Angeles The Evolution of Chemical Enrichment and Outflows at z~1-6
Tommaso Treu UC Santa Barbara Strong Lensing to Study the Evolution of Galaxies ("Three birds with one stone")
Christine Wilson McMaster University Star formation in the Milky Way and its neighbors in the mid-infrared

Contributed Talks

Speaker Affiliation Talk Title
Andrew Benson Caltech Robust Predictions for High-z Galaxies: What will we learn with JWST?
Karina Caputi University of Edinburgh Probing galaxy stellar mass assembly in the early Universe with the JWST
Pierre Guillard Spitzer Science Center, IPAC, Caltech Probing the dissipation of kinetic energy in violent phases of galaxy evolution with JWST
Jane Rigby NASA/GSFC Active Galactic Nuclei with JWST
Daniel Whalen Carnegie Mellon University Finding the First Cosmic Explosions with JWST