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2005 May Symposium Presentation Topics


Extrasolar Planets - Past, Present, and Future - Alan Boss
Observed Properties of Exoplanets - Geoffrey Marcy
Planetary Statistics - Michel Mayor
Long Period Potential Planetary Systems - Robert Brown

Correlation between Stellar Metallicity and Planets - Jeffrey Valenti
Properties of Host Stars - Iain Neill Reid
Planetary Sizes - Dimitar Sasselov
Doppler Follow-up of the OGLE Planetary Transit Survey - Frederic Pont
The Microlensing Planet Finder - David Bennett

Ultraprecise Photometry of Exoplanet Systems ... - Jaymie Matthews
Detection of Secondary Planets by Transit Timing - Eric Agol
The KEPLER Mission - William Borucki
Observations of Extrasolar Planet Atmospheres - Tim Brown
Infrared Observations of HD 209458B - Jeremy Richardson

Overview of Planet Formation - Douglas Lin
Migration - Phil Armitage
Planetary Dynamics - Norman Murray
The Early Dynamical Evolution of the Outer Solar System... - Hal Levison

The Formation and Evolution of Planetary Systems ... - Michael Meyer
Evolution of Protoplanetary Disks - Nuria Calvet
Dust Disk Lifetime - Lynne Hillenbrand
Evolution of Gas in Disks - Joan Najita

Overview of Planet Formation - Jack Lissauer
Core Accretion - Olenka Hubickyj
Gravitational Instabilities - Richard Durisen
Planets in Debris Disks - Renu Malhotra

Formation of the Solar System - Reem Sari
Theory and Direct Detection of Extrasolar Giant Planets - Adam Burrows
Signatures of Exoplanet Atmospheres - Sara Seager
Summary: The Quest for New Worlds - James Pringle