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1997 May Symposium Invited Speakers and Topics

Invited Speaker Provisional Topic
Allan Sandage A Historical Overview
Andy Fruchter Technical Aspects of the HDF
Richard Ellis An Introduction and Motivation
Kenneth Kellermann Radio Observations in the HDF
Garth Illingworth Kinematics of HDF (and other) distant galaxies
Lennox Cowie Review of results from redshift surveys
Judith Cohen Review of angular and redshift clustering of HDF and other deep surveys
Michael Rowan-Robinson ISO observations of the HDF
Mike Fall Cosmic Chemical Evolution -- HDF and QSO abs. lines
Simon Lilly HDF and its relation to previous redshift surveys
Charles Steidel Spectroscopy of z>2 galaxies
Simon White Galaxy luminosities and number densities at high redshift from hierarchical models
Mauro Giavalisco Galaxy ages and morphologies of z>2 galaxies
Rogier Windhorst Results from parallel surveys and other deep HST surveys
Kenneth Lanzetta Review of photometric redshifts
John Bahcall Stars in the HDF
Matthias Steinmetz Model predictions for clustering and morphologies at HDF depths
Steven Kawaler White Dwarfs in the HDF
Harry Ferguson Selection effects and robust measures of galaxy evolution in the HDF
Joseph Silk Disk galaxy and dwarf galaxy evolution
Piero Madau Global measures of star-formation history from the HDF
George Efstathiou Are hierarchical models vindicated or vitiated by deep HST observations?
Mark Dickinson Evolution of the luminosity function at high z
Guinevere Kauffmann Semi-Analytic models of galaxy formation
Mike Brown Search for Sub-Stellar Objects in the HDF
Roger Blandford Gravitational Lensing
Megan Donahue Educational uses of the HDF
James Peebles Conference Summary