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1998 May Symposium Topics & Invited Speakers

Topics covered:

Star Formation
Pre Main Sequence Evolution
The Initial Mass Function
Brown Dwarfs
Young Stellar Objects
The Mass-Luminosity Relation
Convection and Rotation
The Solar Neutrino Problem
Evolution to Red Giants
The Importance of Input Physics and Parameters to Models
Evolution of Binaries
Mass Loss
Abundance Anomalies
Blue Stragglers
Planetary Nebulae
White Dwarfs
Black Holes
The Role of Binaries in Star Formation
The Ages of Globular Clusters
Science Results for Stellar Structure and Evolution from Hipparchos
Type Ia Supernovae, What Are They?

Invited speakers:

E. Salpeter
F. Shu
S. Stahler
B. Elmegreen
J. Liebert
J. Najita
E. Churchwell
J. Andersen
J. Toomre
J. Bahcall
P. Eggleton
A. Maeder
P. Podsiadlowski
R. Kudritzki
L.A. Willson
C. Pilachowski
M. Mateo
H. Bond
D. Winget
S. Woosley
R. Narayan
I. Iben Jr.
I. Bonnell
T. Brown
A. Renzini
S. Thorsett
Y. Lebreton
M. Livio
M. Bobrowsky (presenting Chris Skinner's work)