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Galaxy Mergers:
From the Local Universe to the Red Sequence
Galaxy Mergers Posters

Francesca Annibali:New HST/ACS Observations of Dwarf Star-Forming Galaxies with Extreme Properties of
Cosmological Relevance

Marc Balcells : Mergers and the Growth of the Bulge-Disk Structure (JPEG).

Michael Brown: Mergers and the Growth of the Bulge-Disk Structure (PDF, 7.78KB).

David Carter: The ACS Coma Cluster Treasury Survey (PDF, 1.5MB).

David Carter: An HST Study of Shell Elliptical Galaxies (PDF, 3.5MB).

Jane Charlton: Modes of Star Formation in an Early Universe Laboratory: A First Look at Hickson Compact Group 31 (PDF, 0.62MB).

Donovan Domingue: 2MASS/SDSS Close Major-Merger Galaxy Pairs: Luminosity Functions and Merger Mass Dependence (JPEG)

Bjorn Emonts: HI-Rich Radio Galaxies: from ULIRG to Elliptical? (PDF, 6.73KB).

Deborah Haarsma: The Red Sequence in five new z~1 X-ray Galaxy Clusters (PDF, 2.30KB).

Boris Häußler: GEMS: The Destiny Of Blue Spheroidal Galaxies (PDF, 4.91MB).

Christopher Klein: The Spitzer Interacting Galaxies Survey: IRAC Evaluations of Star Formation (JPEG).

Carlos Lopez: GOYA Survey: mergers up to z = 1 in B- and Ks-Selected Samples (PDF, 4.46KB).

Eva Manthey: Gas and Stars in Moderate Luminosity Mergers (PDF, 2.82MB).

Aparna Maybhate: Young and Intermediate Age Globular Clusters in the Early-Type Galaxy AM 0139-655 (PDF, 1.2MB).

Joern Rossa: The Toomre Sequence Revisited: HST/NICMOS Investigation of the Nuclei in Interacting and Merging Galaxies (PDF, 1.56KB).

Barry Rothberg: The Formation of Young Clusters in Three Ongoing Galaxy Mergers (PDF, 20.43MB).