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Galaxy Mergers:
From the Local Universe to the Red Sequence

Conference Schedule

08:45 Matt Mountain - Opening Remarks from the Director 09:00 Brad Whitmore - Mergers in the Local Universe (INVITED) 09:40 Eric Bell - Red Sequence & Blue Cloud from z~1 (INVITED) 10:20 Coffee/Tea in Poster Room (Cafe Con.) 10:50 Scott Trager - Stellar Populations on the Local Red Sequence (INVITED) 11:30 Sheila Kannappan - E/S0 Galaxies on the Blue Color-Mass Sequence at z=0 12:00 Ricardo Schiavon - Constraining the Star Formation History of Early-Type Galaxies 12:30 Lunch 14:00 Mike Fall - Life Cycles of Star Clusters in Mergers & Other Galaxies 14:40 Joshua Barnes - Numerical Simulations of Mergers (INVITED) 15:20 Coffee/Tea in Poster Room (Cafe Con.) 16:00 Jennifer Lotz - Constraining Merger Morphologies & Timescales with Simulations 16:30 Sadegh Khochfar - The Role of Dissipation in the Formation of Ellipticals by Mergers (INVITED) 17:10 Thorsten Naab - Nearby Mergers: Ellipticals in Formation? 18:15 Reception
09:00 Barry Rothberg - The Dynamical Properties of Mergers (INVITED) 09:40 Gregory Novak - Structure and Kinematics of Galaxy Merger Simulation Remnants Compared to Integral Field Unit Data 10:10 Mathieu Puech - Galaxy Kinematics at z~0.6 10:40 Coffee/Tea in Poster Room (Cafe Con.) 11:10 Paul Goudfrooij - Dissipative Merging & the Star Formation History of Early-Type Galaxies 11:40 Kristen Woodley - The Merger History of Centaurus A: New Evidence from Halo & Group Dynamics 12:10 Lisa Kewley - Metallicity: A Smoking Gun for Gas Flows in Mergers 12:40 Lunch 14:00 Avishai Dekel - Mergers and Elliptical Galaxies (INVITED) 14:40 David Rupke - Massive Gas-Rich Mergers in the Context of Chemical Evolution 15:10 Phil Hopkins - Quasars, Mergers, & The Blue/Red Galaxy Transition 15:40 Coffee/Teea in Poster Room (Cafe Con.) 16:10 Pieter van Dokkum - Direct Observations of Dry Mergers at Intermediate & Low Redshift (INVITED) 16:50 Daniel McIntosh - The Fate of Massive Blue Galaxies: Food for a Growing Red Sequence? 17:20 Claudia Scarlata - The Redshift Evolution of Early-Type Galaxies in COSMOS: Is there a need for Dry Mergers?
09:00 Yuexing Li - Formation of Massive Galaxies & Luminous Quasars at z~6 from Hierarchical Mergers 09:30 Nicole Homeier - Starbursts, AGN & Quiescent Star-Formation in High Redshift Galaxy Clusters 10:00 Michael Cooper - The Role of Environment in the Build-Up of the Red Seqeunce 10:30 Coffee/Tea in Poster Room (Cafe Con.) 11:00 Morad Masjedia - Buildup of Massive Red Galaxies at z~0.3 11:30 Marc Balcells - Red Sequence, Satellite Accretion, & Growth of Galaxy Bulges 12:00 Hibbard, Hogg - Panel Discussion 12:30 Conference End