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Massive Galaxies over Cosmic Time
September 24

    Dear Colleagues,
    In this email:
    * 1. hotel reservations check
    * 2. online schedule & participants list
    * 3. submitting talks
    * 4. workshop webcasting
    * 5. connectivity & printing at STScI
    -- * 1. --
    Hotel.  Please ensure that you have made your hotel reservations.  The
    registration form only keeps the dates of attendance for book-keeping,
    no advance reservations are done by STScI.  For reference, the links to
    the three nearest and most convenient hotels are given here, ,
    and at any time you may contact Grace Lee, our Travel Coordinator
    ( or 410-338-2620) for assistance.
    -- * 2. --
    Schedule. The up to the minute updated schedule is available at
    and the participants list is at
    Copies of both will be provided with your registration package when you
    sign in Monday morning.  Don't forget that we start at 8:45am.
    -- * 3. --
    SPEAKERS: We would like copies of all powerpoint/keynote talks for the
    online archive.  We would especially like to have these *before* your
    talks, if at all possible, so that they can be uploaded onto one of our
    STScI laptops before your session.
       o * Please name your presentation files ,
    e.g. aeinstein.ppt *
       o * Please email your talk to, or be prepared to
    have us transfer it via memory stick as soon as possible after you arrive. *
    -- * 4. --
    Webcasting.  The entire workshop will be webcast in real time, and
    archived.  The live link is available through
    You may want to pass this on to your colleagues.  All available talks
    will be made available as supporting material to the webcasts themselves.
    -- * 5. --
    Connectivity at STScI.  The STScI Auditorium, where the workshop is
    being held, has open-access wireless on our Visitor's Network.  We also
    have wireless and actual dhcp cables at various locations around the
    Institute that you are welcome to use.  For details, please consult this
    This webpage also describes how one may print while connected to the
    Visitor's Network.
    We are looking forward to having everybody here in a few days.  Good
    journey to everyone.
    For the SOC,
       Lexi Moustakas
    Mark Dickinson
    Harry Ferguson
    Mauro Giavalisco
    Karl Glazebrook
    Norman Grogin
    L. Moustakas
    Daniel Stern