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Innovative Designs for the Next Large Aperture UV/Optical Telescope

Workshop Program & Speakers

The agenda for the Workshop on Innovative Designs for the Next Large Aperture UV/Optical Telescope is available in printer-friendly PDF format.

Last updated: April 10, 2003 - 2:30 PM.

Day 1 -- Thursday, April 10, 2003

8:30am Tea, Coffee, Pastries
9:00am Introduction
Bill Oegerle NASA / Goddard Space Flight Center
9:10am The NASA Technology Program: Investing in Technologies for Future Large Space Observatories
Harley Thronson NASA Headquarters
9:30am Design Concepts for Future Large Aperture Wide Field of View UVIS Optical Systems
Bob Woodruff Lockheed Martin
10:00am NHST in Context: Future Steps to Large Optical Space Observatories 2010-2050
Steve Kilston Ball Aerospace
10:25am Coffee and General Discussion
11:15am The Nulling Coronagraph - Using a Nulling Interferometer for Planet Detection in Vis. Single Aperture Telescope
Martin Levine Jet Propulsion Laboratory
11:35am Spectral Interferometry for Broadband UVO Missions
Jerry Edelstein University of California (Berkeley)
11:55pm Enabling Technologies for the Next Generation of UV-Optical Missions
Jim Green University of Colorado
12:15pm Lunch
1:45pm TPF Overview and Current Status
Chas Beichman Jet Propulsion Laboratory
2:05pm Wavefront Sensing Correction
Mark Clampin NASA / Goddard Space Flight Center
2:25pm Deformable Mirror Technology
Tom Price Xinetics
2:50pm Measured Characteristics of Xinetic Mirrors
John Trauger Jet Propulsion Laboratory
3:10pm Holographic Grating Design - Capabilities and Uses
Erik Wilkinson University of Colorado
3:30pm Coffee and General Discussion
4:30pm Advances in Superconducting Devices
Blas Cabrera Stanford University
4:50pm CMOS Devices
Badebrata Pain Jet Propulsion Laboratory
5:20pm Kinetic Inductance Detectors
Jonas Zmuidzinas California Institute of Technology

Day 2 -- Friday, April 11, 2003

8:00am Tea, Coffee, Pastries
8:30am Kodak Mirror Technologies
Gary Matthews Kodak
9:40am Future Science Programs
Steve Beckwith Space Telescope Science Institute
10:00am Development of Silicon Foam Mirrors
Dave Content NASA / Goddard Space Flight Center
10:20am Reaction-Bonded Silicon Carbide Mirrors
Ritva Keski-Kuna NASA / Goddard Space Flight Center
10:40am Coffee and General Discussion
11:30am High Performance MCP Detectors for UVO Astrophysics
Oswald Siegmund University of California (Berkeley)
11:50am Solid State UV Detectors
Shouleh Nikzad Jet Propulsion Laboratory
12:10pm Large Format UV-Optical Hybrid Sensors: Si PIN Diodes and Related Technologies
Bernie Rauscher Space Telescope Science Institute
12:30pm Lunch
1:30pm A JWST Derivative Design for the Next Large Aperture UV/Optical Telescope
William B. Whiddon Northrup Grumman
1:50pm A Large Aperture Deployable Telescope for the Next UV/Optical Telescope (NHST) Mission
Charles F. Lillie Northrup Grumman
2:10pm In-Space Construction of Telescopes
Rud Moe NASA / Goddard Space Flight Center
2:35pm Using the ISS to Assemble a Very Large Telescope
Warren Moos Johns Hopkins University
3:05pm Robotic Construction of Large Telescopes
David Miller Massachusetts Institute of Technology
3:35pm Coffee and General Discussion
4:00pm End of Meeting