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Spiral Arm Sub-Structure in Nearby Galaxies - 2009
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STScI, 29 September - 1 October 2009

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Tuesday, 29 September 2009
10:00-10:30a Morning Coffee
Day 1: Introduction, Gas Flow Through the Arms: Observations, Theory
10:30-10:40a "Welcome and Background"
Ron Allen
10:40-11:00a "Why Are We Here?"
Jim Pringle
11:00-11:30a "Observations of Spiral Arm Substructure in Nearby Galaxies"
Stuart Vogel
11:30-11:45a Discussion
11:45-12:15p "Formation of Giant Molecular Associations and Spurs Across Spiral Arms"
Jin Koda
12:15-12:30p Discussion
12:30-2:00p Lunch
2:00-2:30p "Arm/Interarm contrasts in HERACLES and THINGS"
Adam Leroy
2:30-2:45p Discussion
2:45-3:15p "The (Im)persistence of Spiral Structure in NGC 5055"
Peter Teuben
3:15-3:30p Discussion
3:30-4:00p Tea & Posters
4:00-4:30p "Development of Spiral-Arm Gaseous Substructures Through Self-Gravity"
Eve Ostriker
4:30-4:45p Discussion
4:45-5:15p "Spurs and Substructure in SPH Simulations of Spiral Galaxies"
Clare Dobbs
5:15-5:30p Discussion
5:30p End of Day 1
Wednesday, 30 September 2009
10:00-10:30a Morning Coffee
Day 2 - Radio Emission and Magnetic Fields
10:30-11:00a "Spiral Structure in the Radio: What Do We See?"
Eva Schinnerer
11:00-11:15a Discussion
11:15-11:45a "Radio Polarization Observations of Magnetic Fields in Spiral Arms"
Andrew Fletcher
11:45-12:00p Discussion
12:00-12:30p "The Role of Magnetic Fields in Galactic Star Formation"
Frank Shu
12:30-12:45p Discussion
12:45-2:00p Lunch
2:00-2:30p "Distribution of ISM Phases in Galaxies"
Mark Wolfire
2:30-2:45p Discussion
2:45-3:15p Poster Presentations
3:15-3:30p Tea & Posters
3:30-5:00p STScI Colloquium - "Refining the Hubble Constant with a Differential Distance Ladder"
Adam Reiss
5:00p End of Day 2
Thursday, 1 October 2009
10:00-10:30a Morning Coffee
Day 3: GMCs, Global Star Formation
10:30-11:00a "Re-Examining the Properties of GMCs in the Milky Way"
Mark Heyer
11:00-11:15a Discussion
11:15-11:45a "The Flow-Driven Formation of Molecular Clouds: Insights from Numerical Models"
Fabian Heitsch
11:45-12:00p Discussion
12:00-12:30p "Shock-Induced Formation of Giant Molecular Clouds"
Sven van Loo
12:30-12:45p Discussion
12:45-2:00p Lunch
2:00-2:30p "Dynamical Nature of Stellar and Gaseous Spirals Revealed by 3D High Resolution Simulations"
Keiichi Wada
2:30-2:45p Discussion
2:45-3:15p "Dynamics and Large Scale Star Formation in Disk Galaxies"
Rosa Gonzalez-Lopezlira
3:15-3:30p Discussion
3:30-4:00p Afternoon Tea
4:00-4:30p "Multi-Wavelength Star Formation in Spiral Galaxies"
Gerhardt Muerer
4:30-4:45p Discussion
4:45-5:30p General Discussion
- Did we accomplish anything?
- What is needed to make further progress?
5:30p End of Workshop

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