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Space Astrophysics Detectors
and Detector Technologies: Proceedings

June 26, 2000

Review Talks
NASA's Strategic Plan & Science Opportunities
Hashima Hasan NASA Headquarters
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Science drivers for UV Optical Space Detector Development
Jon Morse   University of Colorado
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UV Technology Overview
Charles Joseph   Rutgers University
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MCPs & Anodes for UV Astronomy
Oswald Seigmund    UC Berkley
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UV-Optical CCDs
Mark Clampin   STScI
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Active Pixel Sensors
Bedabrata Pain   JPL

Contributed Papers
Novel MgZnO UV detectors.
R.D. Vispute et al
Large- area, photon-counting, mega-pixel arrays in UV/ Optical
Katsushi Arisaka,
Fully depleted, 300 micron thick CCD image sensors with applications in the x-ray, uv, visible and near-ir regions
S.E. Holland et al LBNL
Delta doped imagers for UV and EUV applications
S. Nikzad et al
Low Noise Readout using Active Reset for CMOS APS
B. Fowler et al
Development of a Hybrid CMOS Visible Focal Plane Array for Space Based Applications
Y. Bai et al
UV Digital camera Based on 32x32 and 128x128 Arrays of AlGaN p-i-n Photodiodes- J. D. Brown et al
Development of GaN based films for use in UV sensitive but visible blind detectors
Mel Ulmer et al
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Poster Presentations
GigaCAM: A One Billion Pixel Imager for the SNAP Satellite
G. Aldering et al
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Measurement of CTE Degradation by CCD Defect Analysis
A. Scott
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Radiation Testing of Marconi CCDs for Wide Field Camera 3
Elizabeth J. Polidan et al
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Delta-doped Imagers for UV and EUV Applications
Shouleh Nikzad et al
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Narrow-Band Tunable Filters For Use In The Far Ultraviolet Region
Barry Welsh et al
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