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Space Astrophysics Detectors
and Detector Technologies: Proceedings

June 28, 2000

Review Talks

Gamma-ray science.
Fiona Harrison, Cal Tech

High Resolution Detector technologies for an advanced Compton telescope.
Elena Aprile, Columbia Univ.
CZT Detectors for Hard X-ray & Gamma Ray Astronomy: Current Technologies. 
 Ann Parson,  GSFC
Detectors for GeV Gamma Rays.
 Bob Hartman,   GSFC
X_Ray Science.  
Steven S. Murray ,  Harvard- Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.
X-Ray CCDs.   
Mark Bautz, MIT
X-Ray Calorimeters.
Caroline Stahle, GSFC

Contributed Papers
Gas Proportional Pixel Detectors for X and Gamma Ray Imaging
P. Deines-Jones et al
Characterization of a multianode photomultiplier tube for use with scintillating fibers to detect gamma rays
Keith Rielage et al
(Download pdf format)
Detector systems for the X-ray evolving universe spectroscopy mission (XEUS)
M. Bavdaz et al
Advanced X-ray CCD Detectors for the Constellation-X and MAXIM Missions George R. Ricker, MIT
Hard X-Ray Telescope for Space Flight Use
Upendra Desai et al
(Download pdf format)
Modeling of CdZnTe Strip X-ray Detectors- Emrah Kalemci, UC San Diego
Position-Sensitive CZT Detectors for X-Ray and Gamma-Ray Astronomy
J. Matteson
Magnetic Calorimeters for X-Ray and Gamma-Ray Detection
George Seidel, Brown University
NTD Germanium-Based Microcalorimeters for X-Ray and Gamma-Ray Astronomy
Eric Silver et al
Superconducting Transition-Edge Sensor X-Ray Microcalorimeters
John M. Martinis et al

Poster Presentations
Optical Thru X-Ray single photon imaging spectrometer using superconducting tunnel junctions- D.E.Prober et al
(Download pdf format)
Development of Epitaxial AlN/GaN/GaInN Photocathode Heterostructures for UV/Blue Scintillation and Cherenkov Radiation Detection
D.J. Leopolda et al
(Download pdf format)
A Wide Energy Band Compound Pixelated Photon Detector
Upendra Desai & Larry Orwig
(Download pdf format)
Single-Photon Energy Resolving(QVD) DetectorsBased on Thermoelectric Sensors and Digital Superconducting Readout for Hyperspectral Imaging
K. Wood et al
(Download pdf format)