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Space Astrophysics Detectors
and Detector Technologies: Proceedings

June 29, 2000

Review Talks
NASA Technology Funding Opportunities 
 Rick Howard, NASA HQ
TESArrays for far-Infrared Imaging & Spectroscopy
 Harvey Moseley, GSFC
Far-IR Photon Counting Detectors  
Rob Schoelkopf, Yale Univ
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Semiconductor Bolometers & Applications
 Jamie Bock, JPL
Submillimeter & Far Infrared Heterodyne Systems 
 Jonas Zmuidzinas, CalTech
HEMT Technology for Astrophysics Applications 
Todd Gaier, JPL
HEB Heterodyne Sensors for Submillimetre/ FAR IR Astronomy
 William R. McGrath, JPL

Contributed Papers
Voltage-biased Superconducting Bolometers for the far-Infrared to millimeter wavelength range
Adrian Lee et al
Ideal integrating Bolometer
Al Kogut, GSFC
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Characterization of Transition Edge Sensor Arrays for Detection of Submillimeter Radiation
J.A. Chervenak et al
Superconducting Transition Edge Sensor Bolometer Arrays for Submillimeter Astronomy
Dominic Benford, GSFC
Hot-electron direct detectors: Feasibility of NEP " 10 -20 W ÖHz at 3wesubmillimeter waves
Boris Karasik et al
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Wideband Lag correlators for Heterodyne Spectroscopy
Andrew Harris, Univ. of Maryland
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Tunable antenna-coupled intersubband terahertz (TACIT) mixers: the quantum limit without the quantum liquid.
M. S. Sherwin et al
Laser Micromachining of THz Waveguide, and Quasi-Optical Components
C. Walker et al
A novel approach for a tunable sub-millimeter detector
Faiz Rahman, Caltech

Poster Presentations
The space cryogenic submillimeter telescope based on hot-electron microbolometers(Project Submillimetron)
V. Gromov et al
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Compact Imaging Spectrometers using Acousto-Optic Tunable Filters - John Hillman et al
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Monolithic Silicon bolometers coupled to waveguide
Peter T. Timbie
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Aluminium superconducting hot-electron bolometer mixers for the THz. applications
B.S. Karasik
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Fabrication Technology for Single Electron Transistors and Submillimeter Detectors- Carl Stahle
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