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2007 Spring Symposium Posters

Spring Symposium 2007 Poster Book

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Spring Symposium 2007 Posters in PDF Format

The M-Sigma Project - Dr. Dan Batcheldor (Rochester Institute of Technology)

Alignment of the spins of supermassive black holes prior to merger - Dr. Tamara Bogdanovic (University of Maryland)

First Constraints on Black Hole Spin in Broad Iron Line AGN - Laura Brenneman (University of Maryland)

Strong Lensing by Massive Black Holes - Mr. Arthur Congdon (Rutgers University)

Quasar Accretion Disk Structure from Microlensing - Dr. Xinyu Dai (Ohio State University)

The Link between Star Formation and Accretion in LINERs: A Comparison with Other Active Galactic Nucleus Subclasses - Miss Rachel Dudik (George Mason University)

Mass Outflows from Dissipative Hydrodynamic Shocks in Hot Accretion Flows - Dr. Keigo Fukumura (NASA/GSFC)

Accretion Disk Illumination in Schwarzschild and Kerr Geometries: Fitting Formula - Dr. Keigo Fukumura (NASA/GSFC)

An XMM-Newton view of low-power radio galaxies with LINERs - Dr. Mario Gliozzi (George Mason University)

Displacement of supermassive black holes - Dr. Alessia Gualandris (Rochester Institute of Technology)

On the Origin of Radio Emission in Radio Quiet Quasars (RQQ) - Prof. Ari Laor (Technion)

Giant Kicks from Gravitational Wave Emission - Mr. Sean McWilliams (NASA GSFC/UMD)

Probing Black Holes with Gravitationally Redshifted Emission Lines - Andreas Mueller (MPE)

Resolving the Space-Time Around Black Holes - Ms. Kendrah Murphy (Johns Hopkins University)

Self-consistent Models of Sagittarius A* - Dr. Scott Noble (The Johns Hopkins University)

Evidences for the presence of an intermediate mass black holes in Omega Centauri - Dr. Eva Noyola (Max-Planck-Institute fur extraterrestrische Physik)

AGES-II Black Hole Masses and Eddington Ratios - Dr. Christopher Onken (DAO-HIA)

Gas kinematical measurements of black hole masses at high spatial resolution - Miss Guia Pastorini (dipartimento di astronomia e scienza dello spazio)

Host Galaxy Morphologies of X-ray-selected and Infrared-selected AGNs at 0.2 < z < 1.2 - Miss Christina Pierce (University of California, Santa Cruz)

Multipole analysis of gravitational wave recoil from binary black holes - Dr. Jeremy Schnittman (University of Maryland)

Viscous Torque and Dissipation in the Inner Region of a Thin Accretion Disk - Miss Rebecca Shafee (Harvard Univeresity)

Quasars with a Kick - Prof. Gregory Shields (University of Texas at Austin)

Simulations of Star Clusters Hosting Intermediate Mass Black Holes - Dr. Michele Trenti (STScI)

The very first IMBHs from PopIII stars and their relation with bright z~6 quasars - Dr. Michele Trenti (STScI)

Supermassive Black Hole Mass Function from Velocity Dispersion and Luminosity - Dr. Elena Tundo (Universite di Padova)

Bolometric Corrections for AGN - Ranjan Vasudevan (Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge)

Using the narrow Fe K-alpha line to weigh the super-massive black holes - Dr. Junxian Wang (University of Science and Technology of China)

The Constellation-X Mission - Nicholas White (GSFC)

Spatial correlation function of X-ray selected AGNs in the Chandra Lockman Hole NW Fields - Dr. Yuxuan Yang (University of Maryland)