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JWST Workshop VM Installation Guide

WARNING: Software in the virtual machine was created using the most recent results of tool development prior to the May 6-8 workshop. It is not recommended to install this VM for purposes other than following along with presentations and tutorials contained in this workshop. Updates to software will be made during regular releases and users are encouraged to install the latest version of Astropy for best results.

Download Virtualbox

Download Virtualbox for your platform (e.g., Windows, OS X, Linux or Solaris).

Install VirtualBox

For Microsoft Windows and OS X hosts the installation process is as follows.

On Windows

  1. Double-click on the VirtualBox-xx.yy-Win.exe installer.
  2. Continue through the installation, selecting the defaults.


  1. Open the VirtualBox-xx.yy-OSX.dmg file to mount the installation image.
  2. Double-click the VirtualBox device icon on your desktop
  3. Double-click VirtualBox.pkg to launch the installer.
  4. Continue through the installation, selecting the defaults.

If you require additional help installing this software, please refer to the Installation Details section of the VirtualBox manual for more information:

Obtain the Workshop Virtual Machine

Platform File Size
Linux & OS X JWST-Workshop.tar.gz 3.1 GB
Windows 3.1 GB

Importing the Workshop Virtual Machine

  1. Extract the contents of the JWST-Workshop archive
  2. Go into the JWST-Workshop directory
  3. Double-click JWST-Workshop.ovf to begin importing the virtual machine image.
  4. Continue through the installation, selecting the defaults.