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The Science Potential of a 10-30m
UV/Optical Space Telescope
Poster List

Bowen, David                         #1 Absorption Lines from Galaxies:  The Undiscovered Country?
Brosch, Noah                          #2  TAUVEX on GSAT-4:  A Small Post-GALEX UV Mission 
Brown, Thomas M.
Measuring the Formation History of Galaxies with a 10-30 Meter UV/Optical Space Telescope
Deliyannis, Constantine
The Light Elements Li, Be, B, Stellar Interiors, and Big Bang Nucleosynthesis
Gonzalez, Rosa
Measuring the total opacity of M31 and the Magellanic Clouds with very large space telescopes
Gull, Theodore                         #6  UV Variability of Eta Car Ejecta During the Spectroscopic Minimum 
Kaplan, Mike
Rationale for Human/Robotic In-Space Assembly for Future Large Space Optical Systems
Roberge, Aki
Spatially Resolved HST-STIS Spectrum of the TW Hydrae Circumstellar Disk
Roberge, Aki
Molecular Gas in Circumstellar Disk Systems : Results from FUSE and HST-STIS
Siegmund, Oswald                         #10 Advanced Sensors for Maximizing Science Returns 
Ulmer, Mel                          #11 The Prospect and Advantage of Using GaN in Imaging UV Detectors