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Cycle 23 Information

The Cycle 23 Budget Deadline ended July 23, 2015.

Financial Review Committee Meeting – September 16-18, 2015

The Financial Review Committee (FRC) will meet September 16-18, 2015 to review the budget proposals submitted for C23. Following the meeting, recommendations are compiled for review and approval by the STScI Directorate. STScI works through the process as quickly as possible with the goal of receiving funding and authorization from NASA prior to the cycle start date. However, this is not guaranteed. Many factors (e.g. STScI Directorate approval of funding recommendations; NASA approval of the recommendations and subsequent authorized funding; contract modifications to provide funding; etc.) contribute to when funds will be available to award to grantee institutions.

GO grants will be awarded upon receipt of first observations and AR grants will be awarded shortly after notification. Please note that awards are subject to the submission of any overdue reports and to the submission of a revised budget as required.

In accordance with General Grant Provisions (8/06) Section IX (A), Pre-award costs are an allowable expense. Please note that such costs are incurred at the grantee’s own risk and will not impose an obligation on the part of STScI or NASA if an award is not subsequently made, or if an award is made for a lesser amount than the grantee anticipated.

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