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Cycle 22 Notification Letters with approved program amounts were sent to program PI’s and their institutions, November 2014.

Joint HST/Spitzer Programs

  • The Grants Administration Office expects to be notified of successful HST/Spitzer programs in mid-January 2015. When we receive the list of programs, budget notification letters will be sent to program PI’s and institutions.
  • The budget deadline will be ~ 4 weeks after notification letters are sent.

Electronic Funds Transfer

The Grants Administration and Accounts Payable offices are implementing Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) for payment of expenditures reported on interim and final financial reports, for STScI grants. Grantees wanting to take advantage of EFT are required to provide the information in the “Request for Electronic Funds Transfer” form directly to the STScI Accounts Payable department at See link under Grant Resources for a PDF of the form.

All other grant related questions must be sent to

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Grants Calendar

STGMS unavailable 6:30 – 8:30 a.m. (Eastern Time), 3rd Tuesday of each month

HST/Spitzer Budget Deadline March 6, 2015
Notification of approved program
amounts for joint HST/Chandra
End of March 2015
Notification of approved program
amounts for joint HST/Spitzer
End of May 2015
Cycle 23 Budget Deadline July 23, 2015