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The Grants Administration (GRA) Office is responsible for the management and administration of grant programs awarded by STScI to the astronomical community in accordance with NASA, STScI, AURA, and federal requirements, policies, procedures and standard practices.

The STScI General Grant Provisions (GGP) provide the general rules and regulations applicable to all grants awarded by STScI.

All grant actions occur in STGMS, a web-based application that allows users direct access to grants information. These actions include, but are not limited to grant budget submissions and approvals; grant awards and amendments; no-cost extensions; financial and performance reports; transfer requests; etc.

James Webb Space Telescope

Director's Discretionary Early Release Science (DD ERS) Program

DD-ERS proposers only, reference General Grant Provisions (Draft), February 2018 (JWST proposers) for information to assist with your budget preparation. This is a draft document however, we do not anticipate major revisions in the final version.

Please give special attention to:

Budget Deadline: Monday, April 16, 2018 (5 p.m. your local time)

This is a hard deadline and will not be extended.

Submit budgets via STGMS.

Contact STScI Grants Administration if you need help with any aspect of budget preparation.

Hubble Space Telescope

Reminder: Science Proposal deadline for Cycle 25 Mid-Cycle Observations is March 21, 2018.

Full details are found at:

Automatic Access to Post-Award Funding

Note that in October 2017 the Space Telescope Grants Management System (STGMS) was upgraded to release funding allocations automatically so that there will be no disruption in STScI-funded research at the grantee institutions. View document for details.