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How to Use WebEx

What is WebEx?

WebEx allows you to meet, collaborate, present and share content on the web. Capabilities include:

How do I participate in a WebEx meeting?

If you are a participant in a WebEx meeting, just follow the directions sent to you by the meeting host. You can participate from your desktop or laptop system and even mobile devices. You can view short videos on attending a meeting and connecting to WebEx audio. Note you must use Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer. Chrome will not work.

I need to set up a meeting. How do I log on to use WebEx?

You can launch WebEx from Cisco Jabber, or from a web browser.

From a web browser go to and select Host Login. By clicking on this link you will be directed to STScI's Central Authentication Service (CAS). You can then enter your STScI email address (be sure to include "") and Active Directory (AD) password. Once you have successfully logged in, you will be directed back to the WebEx site. You do not need a VPN connection. You can use the WebEx website from a home computer.

Do I need to request a WebEx account?

No, you do not need to request a WebEx account in advance. As long as you have a valid STScI AD account then you can use WebEx even if you have never used the service in the past. Just use Cisco Jabber or point your browser to WebEx

How do I log out?

You don't have to log out, and you will notice that there is no Log Out link. Your WebEx session will automatically time out after 10 hours, or when you close the current browser application.

Please note if you access WebEx via a public computer you MUST quit the browser when you are done using the public computer.

How to Schedule a Meeting

Read the WebEx Quick Start Guide or follow these steps:
  1. Log on to WebEx
  2. Select Meeting Center
  3. Select "Schedule a Meeting" from the left column
  4. Enter Meeting Topic, Date, Meeting duration and email addresses of attendees. (Before proceeding system will ask you to enter and confirm your password again)
  5. If you want the meeting to begin immediately, click the "Start Now" button on the bottom right. If meeting is for a later date and time, click "Schedule Meeting"
  6. An email will be sent out to all participants and the meeting will automatically begin at the scheduled time.
  7. To view list of all past and upcoming meetings, click on "My Meetings" on the left side. You can view meetings by day, week or month.
  8. By default, the account used to schedule the meeting is the "Host and Presenter" of the meeting. As Host you can mute, disconnect participants and assign rights to all other participants.
  9. The Presenter can share desktop or files and documents from their computer for viewing by all other participants in the meeting.
  10. In WebEx, look under the Support heading for user guides and training.

For a more thorough introduction to hosting meetings with WebEx, view the STScI training video (opens new tab/window). WebEx has many capabilities including desktop sharing, whiteboards, recording, and more. These videos show you some of the advanced features in WebEx.

How Do I Keep Malicious Visitors From Participating?

A password is required on all STScI WebEx meetings which reduces the chance of an unwelcome participant. Read more about managing meeting particpants.

How Do I ...?

Check out Miss Manners'meeting etiquette guide. Read more tips and answers to frequently asked questions.

Need Help? Have a Problem?

Contact the IT Services Help Desk at x4400, or visit us in Room 330.