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Introduction to the Touch Panel
for A/V Control Boardroom

This room has a number of capabilities that utilize a projector and a TV. All the devices and available services are controlled from the touch panel:

The Touch Panel has four available Modes that you can select from:


Touching the Presentation button allows you to control the 3-VGA and HDMI ports on the table. By touching the button, the projectors will power up, both screens come down and the lights turn on.

Note - You can display your presentation using the projector and/or the TV. To display presentation on either, select the VGA or HDMI port where your computer is connected to and select the "Source" (PC1, PC2. etc.) option on the left hand side; then select "To Projector and/or Display, depending on where you want to view your presentation.

New to the Boardroom is a permanent installation of a Mac Mini. The main purpose is for presentations. Plug a USB stick into a port (behind the touch panel), select the "Source" Mac Mini; Select "To Projector and/or Display". You will need to login to the Mini using your AD account.

The volume slider will allow control of audio in the room; the red button indicates that the volume is muted.

Video Conference

Touching the "Video Conference" button powers up the projectors and lowers the screens.

Note : Currently the highest resolution the system can support is 1024 X 768.

Phone Conference

(Remember that you have to dial 9, 1 for external calls outside the Institute)


Touching the System Shutdown powers off both projectors, turns of the lights and rolls up the screens


Lights (full on, presentation mode, video conference mod)


The Setup screen gives individual controls to all elements.

Special Note:

The microphones for Video and Tele-Conferencing are on the tables, all of the audio speakers are in the ceiling.