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Boardroom Conference System

Connect laptop to table connection (PC1, HDMI1, PC2, HDMI2, PC3, HDMI3 )

Options: Presentation, Telephone Conference, or Video Conference Presentation

For Presentation Function (Mode)

Telephone Conference

Video Conference *wait until Polycom interface shows on screen(s)

To Finish System Shutdown then Yes, Power Down

Note: HDMI sharing is not yet available.

** note ** If you’ve put up your presentation first and then went into video conferencing, your presentation will disappear from main screen. You are in video conferencing, you’ve made the call. You are not automatically screen sharing,

1. you want to screen share while you are in VTC (follow instructions)

2. you do not want to screen share (but stay in the video conf), not functioning!!!

Note: You can NOT use the video conferencing system and WebEx at the same time.

For addition help, contact the help desk (x4400)