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Introduction to the Touch Panel
for A/V Control in N310

This room has a number of capabilities that utilize a projector and a TV. All the devices and available services are controlled from the touch panel:

The Touch Panel has four available Modes that you can select from:


Touching the Presentation button allows you to control the 2-VGA and HDMI ports on the table. By touching the button, the projectors will power up, and you can then select the port where your computer is connected.

Note - You can display your presentation in either the big screen or on just the TV, you can also display presentation on both screens simultaneously. To display presentation on either screen, select the VGA or HDMI port where your computer is connected.

The volume slider will allow control of audio in the room; the red button indicates that the volume is muted.

Video Conference

Touching the "Video Conference" button powers up the projector and turns on the TV.

Audio Conference


The "Shutdown" button powers off the projector and Plasma TV.

Special Note: