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Fall 2009


Servicing Hubble

servicing hubble After 28 years at Hubble's helm, Rodger Doxsey's passing is a tremendous loss. (Ethan Schrier) Read more... Read more...

The Master of Hubble

Roger After delays, setbacks, and a drama-filled servicing mission, Hubble is back--better than ever expected. (Ken Sembach) Read more...

ACS Status

ACS It is clear that ACS/WFC is back and will once again provide spectacular new images and exciting science results. (Linda Smith & David Golimowski) Read more...

COS Delivers Sensitive Ultraviolet Spectroscopy

COS The new COS significantly expands the spectroscopic capabilities of Hubble at UV wavelengths, providing unparalleled opportunities for observing faint point sources of ultraviolet light. (Rachel Osten, for the COS team) Read more...

STIS Performance after Servicing Mission 4

STIS SM4 restored the STIS side-two electronics, and all three of the STIS detectors are now being used for science observations. (Charles R. Proffitt, et al.) Read more...

WFC3 Commissioning

WFC3 After WFC3 went through 11 years of development and testing, WFPC2 balked at parting company with Hubble. Now installed and commissioned, WFC3 is performing as well as or better than expected. (John W. MacKenty) Read more...

Webb Flight Structure Delivered

Webb The flight structure for the Webb integrated science instrument module has been delivered to NASA. Read more...

News from the Multi-mission Archive at Space Telescope

News from MAST We're working hard, constantly improving our interface and making new tools and data available, and improving our ever-expanding archive. (Rachel Somerville, for the MAST team) Read more...

Hubble Metrics and Bibliographic Database

hubble Metrics A new metrics team at the Institute is working to assess and help maximize the scientific impact of Hubble. You may find some of the results surprising. (Jill Lagerstrom, et al.) Read more...

Hubble Fellowship Program News

hubble fellows The Hubble Fellowship Program will now include the scientific goals addressed not only by Hubble, but also by any of the missions in NASA's Cosmic Origins Program. Fellows were chosen to begin in the fall of 2009. (Ron Allen)Read more...

Institute Participation in the Astro2010 Decadal Survey Process

astro2010 White papers state the case for the important issues in astronomy and astrophysics for the next decade. (Roeland P. van der Marel, et al.)Read more...

Observational Signatures of Black-hole Mergers

BH Mergers Formulating the questions and focusing the direction of research into black-hole mergers brought together many astronomers and astrophysicists from a wide range of specialties. (Jeremy Schnittman)Read more...

Beyond JWST: the Next Steps in Ultraviolet-Optical-Near-IR Space Astronomy

Beyond JWST This meeting was an inspiring narrative of where modern astrophysics--enabled by advanced observations from space--can lead human discovery. (Marc Postman)Read more...


Cycle 17
STUC (STScI) 12-13 November 2009
Multi-cycle Treasury deadline 18 November 2009
Release of Cycle 18 Call for Proposals 18 November 2009
Release of Cycle 18 Call for Proposals 4 December 2009
Multi-cycle TAC (STScI) 7-8 January 2010
AURA Board (La Serena, Chile) 1-4 February 2010
STIC (STScI) 9-10 February 2010
JWST SWG (Washington) 17-18 February 2010
Cycle 18 Proposal deadline 26 February 2010
Young Women Science Forum for Middle and High School Girls (STScI) 6 March 2010
AURA Board (Annapolis) 21-22 April 2010
Cycle 18 Panel and TAC Meetings 17-21 May 2010
STIC (Paris, France) 21-22 June 2010
JWST SWG (Edinburgh, Scotland) 14-15 July 2010
Science with Hubble III (Venice, Italy) 11-14 October 2010

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