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Awards Process & Nomination Form

Space Telescope Science Institute
Achievement Awards

Process and Nomination Information

STScI Achievement Awards will be presented annually at an All-Hands Meeting conducted by the Director. Nominations for STScI Achievement Awards can be submitted by any staff member (manager or peer). The nominations can be for an individual or a team. A team is a group of people with complimentary skills who are committed to a common purpose. The members of the team should be identified in the nomination.

The STScI Achievement Awards Committee (comprised of STScI staff members) will make a selection of the recipients based on the criteria listed below. When making a nomination, please keep in mind that nominations should be based upon performance. Nominations can be for either a singular or unique event, or for sustained high performance. Also, caution should be used when nominating people who hold management positions to separate their personal contributions and performance from the performance of the people who they manage.

Please complete the STScI Achievement Award Nomination Form and forward it to by copying and pasting the form below into an email message or downloading the (WORD) form and attaching it to an email.

STScI Achievement Award Nomination Form

Employee or Team Name:


1. Clearly describe the activity/work performed by the nominee(s) to merit this nomination. *Only detailed nominations will be considered.*

2. Why was the nominee's performance important or exceptional?

3. How did the nominee's performance *exceed what is normally expected* of an employee or team in this position?

4. Why is the performance of this nominee(s) a *model or example* for the Institute?

5. Please provide a summary (not to exceed 80 words) of the nomination to include in the presentation at the STScI All-Hands Meeting.