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Flexible Workplace Initiative
How to Start Teleworking

An important component of the Flexible Workplace Initiative is teleworking which enables us to optimize our space usage. Some of you may already be teleworking. However, enrolling in the Flexible Workplace Initiative allows us to track progress in the Initiative and assist you with your technology needs and other related needs you may have.

Your participation will be most successful if you set clear expectations with your manager and follow expectations for the FWI. The expectations listed here are drawn from the recommendations of the FWI Focus Groups.

Manager Expectations

Here is a list of common expectations for teleworking you should consider discussing with your manager. Your should review and document these with your manager and add any others which you or your manager think are important.

Plan for Saving Space

Please make a plan for how your participation can result in space savings. While your initial participation may not result in immediate space savings, it is expected you will be prepared to make adjustments as opportunities arise to save space.

Some examples of ways to save space are:

Your plan should include:


To start teleworking as a participant in the FWI:

When approval has been received from your manager, ITSD will contact you to assess your technology needs (hardware and software). Note, that if your participation does not work out for you, it will be determined if any equipment should to be returned to the Institute.