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Pixel History for Advanced Camera for Surveys Wide Field Channel
ITT 16 Jun 2017


Readout Dark: Dark Current Accumulation During ACS/WFC Readout (ISR 14-02)
ITT 22 Jul 2014

Post-Flash Capabilities of the Advanced Camera for Surveys Wide Field Channel (ACS/WFC) (ISR 14-01)
S. Ogas, et al. 15 Apr 2014


ACS/WFC Geometric Distortion: a time dependency study (ISR 13-03)
Ubeda, L. and Kozhurina-Platais, V. 07 Oct 2013

Column Dependency in Charge Transfer Efficiency Correction (ISR 13-02)
S. Ogaz, J. Anderson 03 Jul 2013

Study of the evolution of the ACS/WFC sensitivity loss (ISR 13-01)
Leonardo Ubeda & Jay Anderson 28 Jan 2013


A new accurate CTE photometric correction formula for ACS/WFC (ISR 12-05)
M. Chiaberge 03 Oct 2012

Assessing ACS/WFC Sky Backgrounds (ISR 12-04)
Sokol, Anderson, Smith 31 Jul 2012

Study of the evolution of the ACS/WFC charge transfer efficiency (ISR 12-03)
Leonardo Ubeda & Jay Anderson 12 Mar 2012

Pixel-based correction of the ACS/WFC signal-dependent bias shift
Golimowski, D., et al. 01 Feb 2012

Flux Calibration of the ACS CCD Cameras IV. Absolute Fluxes (ISR 12-01)
Bohlin, Ralph C. 25 Jan 2012


Post-SM4 ACS/WFC Bias Striping: Characterization and Mitigation (ISR 11-05)
Grogin, N. A., et. al. 27 Jul 2011

ACS after Servicing Mission 4: The WFC Optimization Campaign (ISR 11-04)
David Golimowski, et. al. 11 Jul 2011

Flux Calibration of the ACS CCD Cameras III. Sensitivity Changes over Time (ISR 11-03)
Bohlin, R., Mack, J., Ubeda, L. 03 Jun 2011

Flux Calibration of the ACS CCD Cameras II. Encircled Energy Correction (ISR 11-02)
Ralph C. Bohlin 28 Apr 2011

Basic Use of SExtractor Catalogs With TweakReg - II (ISR 15-05)
ITT 01 Jan 2011

Basic Use of SExtractor Catalogs With TweakReg - I (ISR 2015-04)
ITT 01 Jan 2011

Accuracy of the HST Standard Astrometric Catalogs w.r.t Gaia
ITT 01 Jan 2011

Perfecting the Photometric Calibration of the ACS CCD Cameras (16-03)
DaveN'Nate 01 Jan 2011

Updates to Post-Flash Calibration for the Advanced Camera for Surveys Wide Field Channel
ITT 01 Jan 2011

SBC Internal Lamp P- at Monitoring (16-02)
ITT 01 Jan 2011

Here Be Dragons: Characterization of ACS/WFC Scatter Light Anomalies (16-06)
ITT 01 Jan 2011

New Subarray Readout Patterns for the ACS/WFC
ITT 01 Jan 2011

Accounting for Readout Dark in ACS/WFC Superbiases
ITT 01 Jan 2011

Post-Flash Validation of the new ACS/WFC Subarrays
ITT 01 Jan 2011

ACS Instrument Science Reports
ITT 01 Jan 2011

ACS Instrument Science Reports
ITT 01 Jan 2011

Flux Calibration of the ACS CCD Cameras I. CTE Correction (ISR 11-01)
Bohlin, R. & Anderson, J. 01 Jan 2011

ACS/WFC Revised Geometric Distortion for DrizzlePac (ISR 15-06)
ITT 01 Jan 2011

Results of the Updated ACS/WFC Distortion Correction (ISR 15-02
ITT 01 Jan 2011

ACS/WFC Sky Flats from Frontier Fields Imaging
ITT 01 Jan 2011

Updated Measurements of ACS/SBC Dark Rates
ITT 01 Jan 2011

Updated MDRIZTAB parameters for ACS/WFC
ITT 01 Jan 2011

Perfecting the Photometric Calibration of the ACS CCD Cameras (ISR 2016-03)
ITT 01 Jan 2011

A Study of PSF Models for ACS/WFC
ITT 01 Jan 2011

Satellite Detection in Advanced Camera for Surveys/Wide Field Channel Images (ISR 16-01)
ITT 01 Jan 2011

ITT 01 Jan 2011

Photometric Aperture Corrections for the ACS/SBC (16-05)
ITT 01 Jan 2011

Optimizing pixfrac in Astrodrizzle: An example from the Hubble Frontier Fields (ISR 15-01)
ITT 01 Jan 2011

Comparing the ACS/WFC and WFC3/UVIS Calibration and Photometry
ITT 01 Jan 2011

Post-Flash Calibration Darks for the Advanced Camera for Surveys Wide Field Channel (ACS/WFC) (ISR 15-03)
ITT 01 Jan 2011

Local Pixel Bundles: Bringing the Pixels to the People (ISR 14-04)
ITT 01 Jan 2011

hst2galign: an Automated Galaxy-based Alignment Routine (ISR 14-03)
ITT 01 Jan 2011

The Hubble Space Telescope "Program of Last Resort"
ITT 01 Jan 2011

Sink Pixels in ACS/WFC
ITT 01 Jan 2011


An Empirical Pixel-Based Correction for Imperfect CTE
I. HST's Advanced Camera for Surveys (ISR 10-03)

Jay Anderson and Luigi Bedin 03 Sep 2010

ACS/WFC Crosstalk after Servicing Mission 4 (ISR 10-02)
Anatoly Suchkov, et al. 06 Apr 2010


Pixel-based correction for Charge Transfer Inefficiency in the Hubble Space Telescope Advanced Camera for Surveys (ISR 10-01)
Richard Massey, Chris Stoughton, Alexie Leauthaud, Jason Rhodes, Anton Koekemoer, Richard Ellis, and Edgar Shaghoulian 02 Nov 2009

ACS after SM4: Relative Gain Values Among the Four WFC Amplifiers (ISR 09-03)
R. C. Bohlin, A. Maybhate, and J. Mack 09 Oct 2009

Re-measurement of ACS/SBC dark images (ISR 09-02)
Colin Cox 28 Apr 2009

Updated CTE photometric correction for WFC and HRC (ISR 09-01)
M. Chiaberge 07 Apr 2009


ACS CCD Image Anomalies in the Hubble Legacy Archive (HLA ISR 08-01)
M. Stankiewicz 05 Dec 2008

A New Geometric Distortion Solution for the ACS/SBC (ISR 08-02)
Jesus Maiz Apellaniz 10 Apr 2008

HST Focus Variations with Temperature (ACS ISR 08-03)
Daiana Di Nino 08 Apr 2008

Updated Flux Calibration and Fringe Modelling for the ACS/WFC G800L Grism (ISR 08-01)
H. Kuntschner, et al 25 Jan 2008


Two astrometric fields for UV observations (ACS ISR 07-09)
Jesus Maiz Apellaniz 04 Oct 2007

ACS PSF Variations with Temperatures (ISR 07-12)
K.C.Sahu 18 Sep 2007

Calibration of Ramp Filters Using the ACS Grism (ISR 07-11)
A.S.Fruchter 18 Sep 2007

ACS Polarization Calibration - Data, Throughput, and Multidrizzle Weighting Schemes (ISR 07-10)
M. Cracraft, B. Sparks 20 Aug 2007

Variation of the Distortion Solution of the WFC (ACS ISR 07-08)
J. Anderson 01 Aug 2007

Calibration of ACS/WFC Absolute Scale and Rotation for Use in Creation of a JWST Astrometric Reference Field (ISR 07-07)
R. P. van der Marel, et al. 02 Jul 2007

Photometric Calibration of the ACS CCD Cameras (ISR 07-06)
R.C. Bohlin 12 Jun 2007

Detection of Optical Ghost in the HST ACS Solar Blind Channel Filter 122M (ISR 07-05)
K.A. Collins et. al. 04 Jun 2007

ACS/WFC:Differential CTE corretions for Photometry and Astrometry from non-drizzled images (ISR 07-04)
V.Kozhurina-Platais et al. 25 May 2007

ACS CCDs UV and narrow-band filters red leak check (ISR 07-03)
M. Chiaberge and M. Sirianni 16 May 2007

WFC Zeropoints at -81C (ISR 07-02)
J.Mack 03 May 2007

Pixel-to-pixel Flat Field Changes on the WFC (ACS ISR 07-01)
R. Gilliland, R. Bohlin 22 Jan 2007


R.C. Bohlin, J. Mack 12 Dec 2006

WFC L-flats Post Cooldown (ISR06-06)
Gilliland, Bohlin, & Mack 31 Oct 2006

ACS Post Flash Measurements (ACS ISR 06-07)
C. Cox 24 Oct 2006

Relative Astrometry Within ACS Visits (ACS ISR 06-05)
R. White 07 Aug 2006

Policy and Procedure for MAMA Targets Subject to Unpredictable Outbursts (ACS ISR 06-04)
N. Walborn, I. Dashevsky, A. Welty, J. Biretta 20 Apr 2006

Wavelength and Flux Calibration of the ACS/HRC PR200L prism (ISR 06-03)
S.S.Larsen, J. Walsh, M. Kummel 21 Mar 2006

Wavelength and Flux Calibration of the ACS/SBC PR110L and PR130L prisms (ISR 06-02)
S. Larsen 28 Feb 2006

PSFs, Photometry, and Astrometry for the ACS/WFC (ISR 06-01)
J. Anderson, I. King 20 Feb 2006


SBC L-flat Corrections and Time-Dependent Sensitivity (ISR 05-13)
J. Mack et al. 18 Nov 2005

Earth Flats (ISR 05-12)
R. Bohlin et al. 25 Oct 2005

ACS/HRC Polarimetry Calibration IV. Low-Frequency Flat-Fields for Polarized Filters (ISR 05-10)
V.Kozhurina-Platais & J.Biretta 15 Aug 2005

The Internal CCD Flat Fields (ISR 05-09)
Ralph Bohlin & Jennifer Mack 18 Jul 2005

Updated Wavelength Calibration for the WFC/G800L Grism (ISR 05-08)
S. S. Larsen, J. R. Walsh 01 Jul 2005

Two-Gyro Pointing Stability of HST Measured with ACS (ISR 05-07)
A. Koekemoer et al. 29 Jun 2005

Demonstration of a Significant Improvement in the Astrometric Accuracy of HST Data (ISR 05-06)
A. Koekemoer, B. McLean, M. McMaster, H. Jenker 28 Jun 2005

ACS Coronograph Performance in Two-Gyro Mode (ISR 05-05)
C. Cox & J. Biretta 01 Jun 2005

Flats: SBC Internal Lamp P-Flat (ISR 05-04)
R.C.Bohlin & J.Mack 23 May 2005

Internal monitoring of ACS charge transfer efficiency (ISR 05-03)
Max Mutchler 08 Apr 2005

Flat-field and Sensitivity Calibration for ACS G800L Slitless Spectroscopy Modes (ISR 05-02)
J. R. Walsh and N. Pirzkal 24 Feb 2005

Switching ACS from Side 1 to Side 2 electronics (ISR 05-01)
C. Cox 10 Feb 2005


The Photometric Stability of ACS: Revisiting the Hubble Deep Field (ISR 04-17)
A. Riess 27 Dec 2004

ACS coronographic flat fields (ISR04-16)
John Krist 30 Aug 2004

Multi-filter PSFs and Distortion Corrections for the HRC (ISR 04-15)
J. Anderson, I. King 25 Aug 2004

SBC Dark and Cumulative Images (ISR 04-14)
Colin Cox 23 Aug 2004

Cross-Talk in the ACS WFC Detectors. II: Using GAIN=2 to Minimize the Effect (ISR 04-13)
Mauro Giavalisco 13 Aug 2004

Cross-Talk in the ACS WFC Detectors. I: Description of the Effect (ISR 04-12)
Mauro Giavalisco 10 Aug 2004

ACS/HRC Polarimetry Calibration III: Astrometry of Polarized Filters (ISR 04-11)
Vera Kozhurina-Platais and John Biretta 12 Jul 2004

ACS Polarization Calibration - II. The POLV Filter Angles (ISR 04-10)
J. Biretta, V.Kozhurina-Platais 17 Jun 2004

ACS Polarization Calibration I. Introduction and Status Report (ISR 04-09)
J. Biretta, V. Kozhurina-Platais, F. Boffi, W. Sparks, and J. Walsh 14 Jun 2004

Detector Quantum Efficiency and Photometric Zero Points of the ACS (ISR 04-08)
G. De Marchi, M. Sirianni, R. Gilliland, R. Bohlin,C. Pavlovsky, M. Jee, J. Mack, R. van der Marel & F. Boffi 11 Jun 2004

Bias and dark calibration of ACS data (ISR 04-07)
Mutchler, Sirianni, Van Orsow, and Riess 21 May 2004

Time Dependence of ACS WFC CTE Corrections for Photometry and Future Predictions (ISR 04-06)
A. Riess and J. Mack 05 May 2004

Results of UV Contamination Monitoring of the Advanced Camera for Surveys (ISR 04-05)
F. R. Boffi, R. C. Bohlin, G. De Marchi 06 Apr 2004

Elevated temperature measurements of ACS charge transfer efficiency(CTE) (ISR 04-04)
Max Mutchler and Adam Riess 01 Mar 2004

Best Gyroscope Usage to Maximize the HST Mission Lifetime (ISR04-03)
R. van der Marel 21 Jan 2004

Lossy Compression of ACS images (ISR 04-02)
Colin Cox 20 Jan 2004

ACS CCD Gains, Full Well Depths, and Linearity up to and Beyond Saturation (ISR 04-01)
R. L. Gilliland 05 Jan 2004


Modelling the fringing of the ACS WFC and HRC chips (ISR 03-12)
J. R. Walsh, W. Freudling, N. Pirzkal, A. Pasquali 06 Dec 2003

Flat Fields for Filter Wheel Offset Positions (ISR 03-11)
Bohlin, Wheeler, Mack 29 Oct 2003

Determination of Low-Frequency Flat-Field Structure from Photometry of Stellar Fields (ACS ISR 03-10)
R. van der Marel 30 Sep 2003

On-orbit Calibration of ACS CTE Corrections for Photometry (ISR 03-09)
Adam Riess 08 Aug 2003

Baseline Tests for the Advanced Camera for Surveys Astronomer's Proposal Tool Exposure Time Calculator (ISR 03-08)
F.R. Boffi et al. 10 Jul 2003

The in-orbit wavelength calibration of the HRC G800L grism (ACS ISR 03-07)
A. Pasquali, N. Pirzkal, J. R. Walsh 09 Jul 2003

ACS WFC and HRC field-dependent PSF variations due to optical and charge diffusion effects (ACS ISR 03-06)
J. Krist 25 Jun 2003

ACS Background Light vs. Bright Earth Limb Angle (ACS ISR 03-05)
John Biretta et al. 23 Jun 2003

Elevated Temperature measurements of Hot Pixels (ACS ISR 03-04)
C. Cox, M. Mutchler, D. van Orsow 23 Jun 2003

Stability and Accuracy of HRC and WFC Shutters (ACS ISR-03-03)
Gilliland R.L., Hartig G. 03 Jun 2003

NUV Earth Flats (ACS ISR 03-02)
R.C. Bohlin, J. Mack 20 Apr 2003

Wavelength calibration of the WFC G800L grism (ACS ISR 03-01)
Pasquali, Pirzkal, Walsh (ST-ECF) 05 Mar 2003


ACS Coronagraph Update for Cycle 12 Proposers (ISR 02-11)
J. Krist 18 Dec 2002

ACS software tool development (ISR 02-10)
W.B. Sparks, W.J. Hack, R.N. Hook, A. Koekemoer 16 Dec 2002

The Projected Growth of Hot Pixels on ACS WFC (ISR 02-09)
A. Riess 13 Dec 2002

ACS L-Flats for the WFC (ISR 02-08)
J. Mack 19 Aug 2002

A first look at cosmic rays on ACS (ISR 02-07)
Riess 05 Jun 2002

A first look at hot pixels on ACS (ISR 02-06)
Riess, Mutchler, Van Orsow 05 Jun 2002

HRC Flats: Dust-Mote Patch (ISR02-05)
J. Mack, R.C. Bohlin 07 May 2002

HRC and WFC Flat Fields: Dispersors, Anomalies, and Photometric Stability (ISR 02-04)
R. Bohlin 18 Mar 2002

Relative Gain Values Among the Four WFC Amplifiers (ISR 02-03)
R. Bohlin, G. Hartig, Wm. Sparks 19 Feb 2002

ACS Distortion derived from RAS-HOMS Measurements (ISR 02-02)
C. Cox 05 Feb 2002

HRC and WFC Flat Fields: Ramp Filters (ISR 02-01)
Bohlin 15 Jan 2002


HRC and WFC Flat Fields: Standard Filters, Polarizers, and Coronograph (ISR 01-11)
Ralph Bohlin 17 Dec 2001

ACS software tool development (ISR 01-10)
W.B. Sparks 11 Dec 2001

Selection of Wavelength Calibration Targets for the ACS Grism (ISR 01-09)
A Pasquali 13 Nov 2001

ACS dither and mosaic pointing patterns (ISR 01-07)
Max Mutchler 31 Aug 2001

Revised IDCTAB Definition: Application to HST Data (ISR 01-08)
W. Hack 31 Aug 2001

ACS Default (Archival) Pure Parallel Program (ISR 01-06)
W.B. Sparks 29 Aug 2001

ACS thermal control with ASCS (ISR 01-05)
C. Cox 07 May 2001

Initial Implementation Strategy for Drizzle with ACS (ISR 01-04)
W. Sparks 25 Apr 2001

ACS Grism Simulations using SLIM 1.0 (ISR 01-03)
N. Pirzkal 04 Apr 2001

The Effective Spectral Resolution of the WFC and HRC Grism (ISR 01-02)
A. Pasquali 07 Mar 2001

Polarization Properties of ACS (ISR 01-01)
J. Walsh 26 Feb 2001


Geometric Distortion Table: IDCTAB (ISR 00-11)
W. Hack 06 Dec 2000

Flats: Preliminary WFC Data and Plans for Flight Flats (ISR 00-10)
R. Bohlin 13 Nov 2000

ACS WFC CCD Radiation Test: The Radiation Environment (ISR 00-09)
M. Jones 10 Oct 2000

Advanced Camera for Surveys Exposure Time Calculator: III. Baseline Tests for the Spectroscopic Modes. (ISR00-08)
F. R. Boffi 25 Aug 2000

Advanced Camera for Surveys Exposure Time Calculator: II. Baseline Tests for the Ramp Filter Modes. (ISR 00-07)
D. Van Orsow 23 Aug 2000

Advanced Camera for Surveys Exposure Time Calulator: I. Baseline Tests for the Broadband Imaging Modes. (ISR 00-06)
F. Boffi 04 Aug 2000

Measured Throughput and Bandpass of the RAMP Filters (ISR 00-05)
R. Bohlin 18 Jul 2000

The predicted performance of the ACS coronograph (ISR 00-04)
J. Krist 29 Jun 2000

Software tools for ACS: Geometrical Issues and Overall Software Tool Development (ISR 00-03)
W. Sparks 08 Jun 2000

ACS Default (Archival) Pure Parallel Program (ISR 00-02)
W. Sparks 08 Jun 2000

Predicted Sensitivity and Dispersion of the Prisms and Grism (ISR 00-01)
R. Bohlin 15 May 2000


ACS Quicklook PDF products (ISR 99-10)
A. Suchkov 16 Dec 1999

ACS calibration pipeline testing: cosmic ray rejection (ISR 99-09)
M. Mutchler 30 Nov 1999

CALACS reference files (ISR 99-08)
W. Hack 11 Nov 1999

The Solar Blind Channel Bright Object Limits for Astronomical Objects (ISR 99-07)
F.R. Boffi and R.C. Bohlin 31 Aug 1999

ACS calibration pipeline testing: error propagation (ISR 99-06)
D. VanOrsow 17 Aug 1999

Design of the ACS science headers (ISR 99-05)
R. Jedrzejewski 25 Jun 1999

ACS calibration pipeline testing: basic image reduction (ISR 99-04)
M. Mutchler 28 May 1999

CALACS operation and implementation (ISR 99-03)
W. Hack 28 May 1999

Flats: SBC Data from Thermal Vacuum Testing (ISR 99-02)
R.C. Bohlin 01 May 1999

Flats: Preliminary HRC Data and On-Orbit Plans (ISR 99-01)
R. Bohlin 09 Apr 1999

Performance of the onboard compression algorithm for ACS (ISR 98-04)
F. Boffi 28 Jan 1999


Bright object protection for the ACS MAMA detector (ISR 98-03)
C. Cox 17 Aug 1998

Dithering strategies for ACS (ISR 98-02)
M. Stiavelli 16 Aug 1998

CALACS Design: Lessons Learned from CALSTIS (ISR98-01)
W.Hack 26 May 1998


Data Compression for ACS (ISR 97-02)
M. Stiavelli 01 Nov 1997

HST Cycle 9 reference mission (ISR 97-01)
M. Stiavelli 01 Oct 1997