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Post-Flash Capabilities of the Advanced Camera for Surveys Wide Field Channel (ACS/WFC) (ISR 14-01)
S. Ogas, et al. 15 Apr 2014


ACS/WFC Geometric Distortion: a time dependency study (ISR 13-03)
Ubeda, L. and Kozhurina-Platais, V. 07 Oct 2013

Pixel-based correction of the ACS/WFC signal-dependent bias shift
Golimowski, D., et al. 10 Jul 2013

Column Dependency in Charge Transfer Efficiency Correction (ISR 13-02)
S. Ogaz, J. Anderson 03 Jul 2013

Study of the evolution of the ACS/WFC sensitivity loss (ISR 13-01)
Leonardo Ubeda & Jay Anderson 28 Jan 2013


A new accurate CTE photometric correction formula for ACS/WFC (ISR 12-05)
M. Chiaberge 03 Oct 2012

Assessing ACS/WFC Sky Backgrounds (ISR 12-04)
Sokol, Anderson, Smith 31 Jul 2012

Study of the evolution of the ACS/WFC charge transfer efficiency (ISR 12-03)
Leonardo Ubeda & Jay Anderson 12 Mar 2012

Flux Calibration of the ACS CCD Cameras IV. Absolute Fluxes (ISR 12-01)
Bohlin, Ralph C. 25 Jan 2012


Post-SM4 ACS/WFC Bias Striping: Characterization and Mitigation (ISR 11-05)
Grogin, N. A., et. al. 27 Jul 2011

ACS after Servicing Mission 4: The WFC Optimization Campaign (ISR 11-04)
David Golimowski, et. al. 11 Jul 2011

Flux Calibration of the ACS CCD Cameras II. Encircled Energy Correction (ISR 11-02)
Ralph C. Bohlin 28 Apr 2011

ACS Instrument Science Reports
ITT 01 Jan 2011

Flux Calibration of the ACS CCD Cameras III. Sensitivity Changes over Time (ISR 11-03)
Bohlin, R., Mack, J., Ubeda, L. 01 Jan 2011

Flux Calibration of the ACS CCD Cameras I. CTE Correction (ISR 11-01)
Bohlin, R. & Anderson, J. 01 Jan 2011


An Empirical Pixel-Based Correction for Imperfect CTE
I. HST's Advanced Camera for Surveys (ISR 10-03)

Jay Anderson and Luigi Bedin 03 Sep 2010

ACS/WFC Crosstalk after Servicing Mission 4 (ISR 10-02)
Anatoly Suchkov, et al. 06 Apr 2010


Pixel-based correction for Charge Transfer Inefficiency in the Hubble Space Telescope Advanced Camera for Surveys (ISR 10-01)
Richard Massey, Chris Stoughton, Alexie Leauthaud, Jason Rhodes, Anton Koekemoer, Richard Ellis, and Edgar Shaghoulian 02 Nov 2009

ACS after SM4: Relative Gain Values Among the Four WFC Amplifiers (ISR 09-03)
R. C. Bohlin, A. Maybhate, and J. Mack 09 Oct 2009

Re-measurement of ACS/SBC dark images (ISR 09-02)
Colin Cox 28 Apr 2009

Updated CTE photometric correction for WFC and HRC (ISR 09-01)
M. Chiaberge 07 Apr 2009


ACS CCD Image Anomalies in the Hubble Legacy Archive (HLA ISR 08-01)
M. Stankiewicz 05 Dec 2008

A New Geometric Distortion Solution for the ACS/SBC (ISR 08-02)
Jesus Maiz Apellaniz 10 Apr 2008

HST Focus Variations with Temperature (ACS ISR 08-03)
Daiana Di Nino 08 Apr 2008

Updated Flux Calibration and Fringe Modelling for the ACS/WFC G800L Grism (ISR 08-01)
H. Kuntschner, et al 25 Jan 2008


Two astrometric fields for UV observations (ACS ISR 07-09)
Jesus Maiz Apellaniz 04 Oct 2007

ACS PSF Variations with Temperatures (ISR 07-12)
K.C.Sahu 18 Sep 2007

Calibration of Ramp Filters Using the ACS Grism (ISR 07-11)
A.S.Fruchter 18 Sep 2007

ACS Polarization Calibration - Data, Throughput, and Multidrizzle Weighting Schemes (ISR 07-10)
M. Cracraft, B. Sparks 20 Aug 2007

Variation of the Distortion Solution of the WFC (ACS ISR 07-08)
J. Anderson 01 Aug 2007

Calibration of ACS/WFC Absolute Scale and Rotation for Use in Creation of a JWST Astrometric Reference Field (ISR 07-07)
R. P. van der Marel, et al. 02 Jul 2007

Photometric Calibration of the ACS CCD Cameras (ISR 07-06)
R.C. Bohlin 12 Jun 2007

Detection of Optical Ghost in the HST ACS Solar Blind Channel Filter 122M (ISR 07-05)
K.A. Collins et. al. 04 Jun 2007

ACS/WFC:Differential CTE corretions for Photometry and Astrometry from non-drizzled images (ISR 07-04)
V.Kozhurina-Platais et al. 25 May 2007

ACS CCDs UV and narrow-band filters red leak check (ISR 07-03)
M. Chiaberge and M. Sirianni 16 May 2007

WFC Zeropoints at -81C (ISR 07-02)
J.Mack 03 May 2007

Pixel-to-pixel Flat Field Changes on the WFC (ACS ISR 07-01)
R. Gilliland, R. Bohlin 22 Jan 2007


R.C. Bohlin, J. Mack 12 Dec 2006

WFC L-flats Post Cooldown (ISR06-06)
Gilliland, Bohlin, & Mack 31 Oct 2006

ACS Post Flash Measurements (ACS ISR 06-07)
C. Cox 24 Oct 2006

Relative Astrometry Within ACS Visits (ACS ISR 06-05)
R. White 07 Aug 2006

Policy and Procedure for MAMA Targets Subject to Unpredictable Outbursts (ACS ISR 06-04)
N. Walborn, I. Dashevsky, A. Welty, J. Biretta 20 Apr 2006

Wavelength and Flux Calibration of the ACS/HRC PR200L prism (ISR 06-03)
S.S.Larsen, J. Walsh, M. Kummel 21 Mar 2006

Wavelength and Flux Calibration of the ACS/SBC PR110L and PR130L prisms (ISR 06-02)
S. Larsen 28 Feb 2006

PSFs, Photometry, and Astrometry for the ACS/WFC (ISR 06-01)
J. Anderson, I. King 20 Feb 2006


SBC L-flat Corrections and Time-Dependent Sensitivity (ISR 05-13)
J. Mack et al. 18 Nov 2005

Earth Flats (ISR 05-12)
R. Bohlin et al. 25 Oct 2005

ACS/HRC Polarimetry Calibration IV. Low-Frequency Flat-Fields for Polarized Filters (ISR 05-10)
V.Kozhurina-Platais & J.Biretta 15 Aug 2005

The Internal CCD Flat Fields (ISR 05-09)
Ralph Bohlin & Jennifer Mack 18 Jul 2005

Updated Wavelength Calibration for the WFC/G800L Grism (ISR 05-08)
S. S. Larsen, J. R. Walsh 01 Jul 2005

Two-Gyro Pointing Stability of HST Measured with ACS (ISR 05-07)
A. Koekemoer et al. 29 Jun 2005

Demonstration of a Significant Improvement in the Astrometric Accuracy of HST Data (ISR 05-06)
A. Koekemoer, B. McLean, M. McMaster, H. Jenker 28 Jun 2005

ACS Coronograph Performance in Two-Gyro Mode (ISR 05-05)
C. Cox & J. Biretta 01 Jun 2005

Flats: SBC Internal Lamp P-Flat (ISR 05-04)
R.C.Bohlin & J.Mack 23 May 2005

Internal monitoring of ACS charge transfer efficiency (ISR 05-03)
Max Mutchler 08 Apr 2005

Flat-field and Sensitivity Calibration for ACS G800L Slitless Spectroscopy Modes (ISR 05-02)
J. R. Walsh and N. Pirzkal 24 Feb 2005

Switching ACS from Side 1 to Side 2 electronics (ISR 05-01)
C. Cox 10 Feb 2005


The Photometric Stability of ACS: Revisiting the Hubble Deep Field (ISR 04-17)
A. Riess 27 Dec 2004

ACS coronographic flat fields (ISR04-16)
John Krist 30 Aug 2004

Multi-filter PSFs and Distortion Corrections for the HRC (ISR 04-15)
J. Anderson, I. King 25 Aug 2004

SBC Dark and Cumulative Images (ISR 04-14)
Colin Cox 23 Aug 2004

Cross-Talk in the ACS WFC Detectors. II: Using GAIN=2 to Minimize the Effect (ISR 04-13)
Mauro Giavalisco 13 Aug 2004

Cross-Talk in the ACS WFC Detectors. I: Description of the Effect (ISR 04-12)
Mauro Giavalisco 10 Aug 2004

ACS/HRC Polarimetry Calibration III: Astrometry of Polarized Filters (ISR 04-11)
Vera Kozhurina-Platais and John Biretta 12 Jul 2004

ACS Polarization Calibration - II. The POLV Filter Angles (ISR 04-10)
J. Biretta, V.Kozhurina-Platais 17 Jun 2004

ACS Polarization Calibration I. Introduction and Status Report (ISR 04-09)
J. Biretta, V. Kozhurina-Platais, F. Boffi, W. Sparks, and J. Walsh 14 Jun 2004

Detector Quantum Efficiency and Photometric Zero Points of the ACS (ISR 04-08)
G. De Marchi, M. Sirianni, R. Gilliland, R. Bohlin,C. Pavlovsky, M. Jee, J. Mack, R. van der Marel & F. Boffi 11 Jun 2004

Bias and dark calibration of ACS data (ISR 04-07)
Mutchler, Sirianni, Van Orsow, and Riess 21 May 2004

Time Dependence of ACS WFC CTE Corrections for Photometry and Future Predictions (ISR 04-06)
A. Riess and J. Mack 05 May 2004

Results of UV Contamination Monitoring of the Advanced Camera for Surveys (ISR 04-05)
F. R. Boffi, R. C. Bohlin, G. De Marchi 06 Apr 2004

Elevated temperature measurements of ACS charge transfer efficiency(CTE) (ISR 04-04)
Max Mutchler and Adam Riess 01 Mar 2004

Best Gyroscope Usage to Maximize the HST Mission Lifetime (ISR04-03)
R. van der Marel 21 Jan 2004

Lossy Compression of ACS images (ISR 04-02)
Colin Cox 20 Jan 2004

ACS CCD Gains, Full Well Depths, and Linearity up to and Beyond Saturation (ISR 04-01)
R. L. Gilliland 05 Jan 2004


Modelling the fringing of the ACS WFC and HRC chips (ISR 03-12)
J. R. Walsh, W. Freudling, N. Pirzkal, A. Pasquali 06 Dec 2003

Flat Fields for Filter Wheel Offset Positions (ISR 03-11)
Bohlin, Wheeler, Mack 29 Oct 2003

Determination of Low-Frequency Flat-Field Structure from Photometry of Stellar Fields (ACS ISR 03-10)
R. van der Marel 30 Sep 2003

On-orbit Calibration of ACS CTE Corrections for Photometry (ISR 03-09)
Adam Riess 08 Aug 2003

Baseline Tests for the Advanced Camera for Surveys Astronomer's Proposal Tool Exposure Time Calculator (ISR 03-08)
F.R. Boffi et al. 10 Jul 2003

The in-orbit wavelength calibration of the HRC G800L grism (ACS ISR 03-07)
A. Pasquali, N. Pirzkal, J. R. Walsh 09 Jul 2003

ACS WFC and HRC field-dependent PSF variations due to optical and charge diffusion effects (ACS ISR 03-06)
J. Krist 25 Jun 2003

ACS Background Light vs. Bright Earth Limb Angle (ACS ISR 03-05)
John Biretta et al. 23 Jun 2003

Elevated Temperature measurements of Hot Pixels (ACS ISR 03-04)
C. Cox, M. Mutchler, D. van Orsow 23 Jun 2003

Stability and Accuracy of HRC and WFC Shutters (ACS ISR-03-03)
Gilliland R.L., Hartig G. 03 Jun 2003

NUV Earth Flats (ACS ISR 03-02)
R.C. Bohlin, J. Mack 20 Apr 2003

Wavelength calibration of the WFC G800L grism (ACS ISR 03-01)
Pasquali, Pirzkal, Walsh (ST-ECF) 05 Mar 2003


ACS Coronagraph Update for Cycle 12 Proposers (ISR 02-11)
J. Krist 18 Dec 2002

ACS software tool development (ISR 02-10)
W.B. Sparks, W.J. Hack, R.N. Hook, A. Koekemoer 16 Dec 2002

The Projected Growth of Hot Pixels on ACS WFC (ISR 02-09)
A. Riess 13 Dec 2002

ACS L-Flats for the WFC (ISR 02-08)
J. Mack 19 Aug 2002

A first look at cosmic rays on ACS (ISR 02-07)
Riess 05 Jun 2002

A first look at hot pixels on ACS (ISR 02-06)
Riess, Mutchler, Van Orsow 05 Jun 2002

HRC Flats: Dust-Mote Patch (ISR02-05)
J. Mack, R.C. Bohlin 07 May 2002

HRC and WFC Flat Fields: Dispersors, Anomalies, and Photometric Stability (ISR 02-04)
R. Bohlin 18 Mar 2002

Relative Gain Values Among the Four WFC Amplifiers (ISR 02-03)
R. Bohlin, G. Hartig, Wm. Sparks 19 Feb 2002

ACS Distortion derived from RAS-HOMS Measurements (ISR 02-02)
C. Cox 05 Feb 2002

HRC and WFC Flat Fields: Ramp Filters (ISR 02-01)
Bohlin 15 Jan 2002


HRC and WFC Flat Fields: Standard Filters, Polarizers, and Coronograph (ISR 01-11)
Ralph Bohlin 17 Dec 2001

ACS software tool development (ISR 01-10)
W.B. Sparks 11 Dec 2001

Selection of Wavelength Calibration Targets for the ACS Grism (ISR 01-09)
A Pasquali 13 Nov 2001

ACS dither and mosaic pointing patterns (ISR 01-07)
Max Mutchler 31 Aug 2001

Revised IDCTAB Definition: Application to HST Data (ISR 01-08)
W. Hack 31 Aug 2001

ACS Default (Archival) Pure Parallel Program (ISR 01-06)
W.B. Sparks 29 Aug 2001

ACS thermal control with ASCS (ISR 01-05)
C. Cox 07 May 2001

Initial Implementation Strategy for Drizzle with ACS (ISR 01-04)
W. Sparks 25 Apr 2001

ACS Grism Simulations using SLIM 1.0 (ISR 01-03)
N. Pirzkal 04 Apr 2001

The Effective Spectral Resolution of the WFC and HRC Grism (ISR 01-02)
A. Pasquali 07 Mar 2001

Polarization Properties of ACS (ISR 01-01)
J. Walsh 26 Feb 2001


Geometric Distortion Table: IDCTAB (ISR 00-11)
W. Hack 06 Dec 2000

Flats: Preliminary WFC Data and Plans for Flight Flats (ISR 00-10)
R. Bohlin 13 Nov 2000

ACS WFC CCD Radiation Test: The Radiation Environment (ISR 00-09)
M. Jones 10 Oct 2000

Advanced Camera for Surveys Exposure Time Calculator: III. Baseline Tests for the Spectroscopic Modes. (ISR00-08)
F. R. Boffi 25 Aug 2000

Advanced Camera for Surveys Exposure Time Calculator: II. Baseline Tests for the Ramp Filter Modes. (ISR 00-07)
D. Van Orsow 23 Aug 2000

Advanced Camera for Surveys Exposure Time Calulator: I. Baseline Tests for the Broadband Imaging Modes. (ISR 00-06)
F. Boffi 04 Aug 2000

Measured Throughput and Bandpass of the RAMP Filters (ISR 00-05)
R. Bohlin 18 Jul 2000

The predicted performance of the ACS coronograph (ISR 00-04)
J. Krist 29 Jun 2000

Software tools for ACS: Geometrical Issues and Overall Software Tool Development (ISR 00-03)
W. Sparks 08 Jun 2000

ACS Default (Archival) Pure Parallel Program (ISR 00-02)
W. Sparks 08 Jun 2000

Predicted Sensitivity and Dispersion of the Prisms and Grism (ISR 00-01)
R. Bohlin 15 May 2000


ACS Quicklook PDF products (ISR 99-10)
A. Suchkov 16 Dec 1999

ACS calibration pipeline testing: cosmic ray rejection (ISR 99-09)
M. Mutchler 30 Nov 1999

CALACS reference files (ISR 99-08)
W. Hack 11 Nov 1999

The Solar Blind Channel Bright Object Limits for Astronomical Objects (ISR 99-07)
F.R. Boffi and R.C. Bohlin 31 Aug 1999

ACS calibration pipeline testing: error propagation (ISR 99-06)
D. VanOrsow 17 Aug 1999

Design of the ACS science headers (ISR 99-05)
R. Jedrzejewski 25 Jun 1999

ACS calibration pipeline testing: basic image reduction (ISR 99-04)
M. Mutchler 28 May 1999

CALACS operation and implementation (ISR 99-03)
W. Hack 28 May 1999

Flats: SBC Data from Thermal Vacuum Testing (ISR 99-02)
R.C. Bohlin 01 May 1999

Flats: Preliminary HRC Data and On-Orbit Plans (ISR 99-01)
R. Bohlin 09 Apr 1999

Performance of the onboard compression algorithm for ACS (ISR 98-04)
F. Boffi 28 Jan 1999


Bright object protection for the ACS MAMA detector (ISR 98-03)
C. Cox 17 Aug 1998

Dithering strategies for ACS (ISR 98-02)
M. Stiavelli 16 Aug 1998

CALACS Design: Lessons Learned from CALSTIS (ISR98-01)
W.Hack 26 May 1998


Data Compression for ACS (ISR 97-02)
M. Stiavelli 01 Nov 1997

HST Cycle 9 reference mission (ISR 97-01)
M. Stiavelli 01 Oct 1997