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NICMOS ISR 2010-001: Finesky – removing higher order sky residuals
T. Dahlen, D. Grumm 02 Jul 2010


NICMOS ISR 2009-008: NICMOS Breathing and Focus Field Variations
T. Wiklind 30 Jun 2009

NICMOS ISR 2009-007: CalTempFromBias: Implementation and Testing
N. Pirzkal 29 Jun 2009

NICMOS ISR 2009-006: NICMOS Grism Wavelength Calibration
N. Pirzkal 26 Jun 2009

NICMOS ISR 2009-005: NICMOS Temperature Dependent Flat-fields
D. Thatte 26 Jun 2009

NICMOS ISR-2009-004: NICMOS Photometric Calibration Pipeline
A. C. Viana 26 Jun 2009

NICMOS ISR 2009-003: Updates to Calnica: Using Temperature Dependent Reference Files
T. Dahlen 26 Jun 2009

NICMOS ISR 2009-002: Temperature Dependent Dark Reference Files: Linear Dark and Amplifier Glow Components
T. Dahlen 08 Jun 2009

NICMOS ISR 2009-001: New Bad Pixel Mask Reference Files for the Post-NCS Era
E. Barker, T. Dahlen 08 Jun 2009


NICMOS ISR 2008-004: Summary of NICMOS SMOV4 Plans
T. Wiklind 14 Aug 2008

NICMOS ISR 2008-003: Verifying the NICMOS Count Dependent Non-Linearity Correction
B. Shaw, R. S. de Jong 08 Aug 2008

NICMOS ISR 2008-002: Improvements to Calnica
T. Dahlen 04 Jun 2008

NICMOS ISR 2008-001: Bright Earth Persistence in NICMOS
A. Riess, E. Bergeron 20 Mar 2008


NICMOS ISR 2007-004: NICMOS Cycle 15 Baseline Calibration Plans
N. Pirzkal 16 Jul 2007

NICMOS ISR 2007-003: NICMOS Focus Update
H. McLaughlin 29 Jun 2007

NICMOS ISR 2007-002: NICMOS Time Dependent Flat-fields
T. Dahlen 29 Jun 2007

NICMOS ISR 2007-001: Removing Post-SAA Persistence in NICMOS Data
E. Barker 15 May 2007


NICMOS ISR 2006-004: Temperature Monitoring of NICMOS
T. Wiklind 26 Jul 2006

NICMOS ISR 2006-003: Correcting the NICMOS count-rate dependent non-linearity
R. de Jong 29 Mar 2006

NICMOS ISR 2006-002: NICMOS Count Rate Dependent Non-Linearity in G096 and G141
R. Bohlin 15 Feb 2006

NICMOS ISR 2006-001: NICMOS Count-rate Dependent Non-linearity Tests using Flatfield Lamps
R. de Jong 15 Feb 2006


NICMOS ISR 2005-005: NICMOS Cycles 13 and 14 Calibration Plans
S. Arribas 01 Dec 2005

NICMOS ISR 2005-004: NICMOS Small deltaT Dewar/NCS PID Model for Orbit Night Power Reduction
T. Wheeler and M. Robinson 05 Oct 2005

NICMOS ISR 2005-003: A Test of Possible NICMOS Non-linearity
B. Mobasher and A. Riess 15 Aug 2005

NICMOS ISR 2005-001: NICMOS Two Gyro Mode Coronagraphic Performance
G. Schneider, A. Schultz, S. Malhotra & I. Dashevsky 08 Jul 2005

NICMOS ISR 2005-002: Grism Sensitivities and Apparent Non-Linearity
R. Bohlin, D. Lindler, & A. Riess 10 May 2005


NICMOS ISR 2004-002: New Exposure Time Calculator for NICMOS (imaging): Features, Testing and Recommendation
S. Arribas 25 Feb 2004

NICMOS ISR 2004-001: NICMOS Coronagraphic Calibration
A. Schultz 30 Jan 2004


NICMOS ISR 2003-011: NICMOS Cycle 12 Calibration Plan
S. Arribas 10 Nov 2003

NICMOS ISR 2003-010: Removal of Cosmic Ray persistence From Science Data using the Post-SAA Darks
E. Bergeron and M. Dickenson 06 Oct 2003

NICMOS ISR 2003-009: NICMOS IntraPixel Sensitivity
C. Xu and B. Mobasher 16 Sep 2003

NICMOS ISR 2003-008: NICMOS Temperature Table
A.B. Schultz 01 Sep 2003

NICMOS ISR 2003-007:Analysis of the HST Thermal Background as Seen by NICMOS and NCS
M. Sosey 14 May 2003

NICMOS ISR 2003-006: A Test of non-Standard Gain Settings for the NICMOS Detectors
C. Xu & T. Boeker 13 May 2003

NICMOS ISR 2003-005: NICMOS Focus Monitoring in the Year Following SMOV 3b
E. Roye 23 Apr 2003

NICMOS ISR 2003-004: Measuring the Cold Mask Offset
E. Roye 23 Apr 2003

NICMOS ISR 2003-003: NICMOS Monitoring Stability
A.B. Schultz 01 Apr 2003

NICMOS ISR 2003-002: NICMOS Memory/Hardware Anamolies
A.B. Schultz 30 Jan 2003

NICMOS ISR 2003-001: High Signal-to-Noise, Differential NICMOS Spectrophotometry
R.L. Gilliland and S. Arribas 07 Jan 2003


NICMOS ISR 2002-005: Implementation of the Temperature-Dependent Dark Correction in CalnicA
R. Jedrzejewski 01 Dec 2002

NICMOS ISR 2002-004: SM3b Science Flats
L. Mazzuca 06 Oct 2002

NICMOS ISR 2002-003: NICMOS Cycle 11 Calibration Plan
S. Arribas 10 Jul 2002

NICMOS ISR 2002-002b: SM3B NICMOS Focus Check
A. B. Schultz 12 Jun 2002

NICMOS ISR 2002-002: NICMOS Cycle 10 Interim Calibration Plan
S. Arribas 14 Mar 2002

NICMOS ISR 2002-001: Bad Pixel Masks
M. Sosey 15 Jan 2002


NICMOS ISR-026: Characteristics of NICMOS Detector Dark Observations
NICMOS Group 06 Nov 2001

NICMOS ISR-1997-026: Characteristics of NICMOS Detector Dark Observations
NICMOS Group 06 Nov 2001

NICMOS ISR 2001-002: NICMOS OTFR: A Feasibility Study for Improved Scientific Return
H. Bushouse 04 Sep 2001

NICMOS ISR 2001-001: Performance of the NICMOS ETC Against Archived Data
M. Sosey 19 Jun 2001


NICMOS ISR 2000-006: Results From the NCC/NICMOS Spare Detector June 2000 EMI Test
Glenn Schneider 06 Nov 2000

NICMOS ISR 2000-005: The new NICMOS Exposure Time Calculator: Software and Installation
A. Sivaramakrishnan 02 Oct 2000

NICMOS ISR-2000-003 Results of the June 2000 NICMOS-NCS EMI Test
S. Holfeltz 28 Sep 2000

NICMOS ISR-2000-004 NICMOS Warm Darks
A. Schultz 26 Sep 2000

NICMOS ISR-00-001: The NICMOS Exposure Time Calculator: Algorithms and User Interface
A. Sivaramakrishnan 16 May 2000

NICMOS ISR 00-002: NICMOS Dark Current Anomaly: Test Results
Boker, T. 13 Mar 2000


NICMOS ISR-99-011: Long-Term Trends in the NICMOS Camera 2 Obscuration Pattern and Aberrations
J. Krist 15 Nov 1999

NICMOS ISR-99-010: NICMOS Temperature-Specific Darks
B. Monroe 09 Nov 1999

NICMOS ISR-99-009: NICMOS Dark Current Anomaly: Models and Test Plans
T. Boeker 25 Oct 1999

NICMOS ISR-99-008: GROT in NICMOS Cameras
M. Sosey 20 Sep 1999

NICMOS ISR-99-007: NIC 2 Growth Curves
S. Holfeltz 13 Sep 1999

NICMOS ISR-99-006: NICMOS Coronagraphic Imaging Strategy
A. Schultz 27 Aug 1999

NICMOS ISR-99-005: Camera 3 Intrapixel Sensitivity
A. Storrs 23 Aug 1999

NICMOS ISR-99-004: User's Guide to Polarimetric Imaging Tools
L. Mazzuca 02 Aug 1999

NICMOS ISR-99-003: NICMOS Optical Aberrations: Coma and Astigmatism
A. Suchkov 10 Jun 1999

NICMOS ISR-1999-012 NICMOS Calibration Lamp Stability
L. Bergeron 01 Mar 1999

NICMOS ISR-99-002: Color Dependence of NICMOS Flatfields
A. Storrs 26 Feb 1999

NICMOS ISR-99-001: Analysis, Results and Assessment of the NICMOS Warm-up Monitoring Program
T. Boker 22 Feb 1999

NICMOS ISR-99-001: Analysis, Results and Assessment of the NICMOS Warm-up Monitoring Program
T. Boker 22 Feb 1999

NICMOS ISR-98-019: NICMOS Mode-1 Coronagraphic Acquisition
A. Schultz 19 Jan 1999


NICMOS ISR-98-017: Methodologies to Calibrating NICMOS Polarimetry Characteristics
L. Mazzuca 24 Nov 1998

NICMOS ISR-98-018: TinyTim modeling of NICMOS PSF subtraction: Effects of Focus Breathing, Cold Mask Wiggling, and Color Variations
A. Suchkov 11 Nov 1998

NICMOS TIR 98-001: NICMOS/NCS EMI Test Data Results
L. Bergeron 04 Nov 1998

NICMOS ISR-98-016: NICMOS Focus Data Reduction and Analysis Using Phase Retrieval
G. Galas 15 Sep 1998

NICMOS ISR-98-015: NICMOS Focus and HST Breathing
A. Suchkov 15 Sep 1998

NICMOS ISR-98-014: Review of NICMOS Performance
D. Calzetti 26 Aug 1998

NICMOS ISR-98-011: NIC1 Narrow-band Earth Flats
D. Gilmore 22 Jul 1998

NICMOS ISR-98-013: Second NIC3 Campaign Results
A. D. Storrs 13 Jul 1998

NICMOS ISR-98-012: NICMOS Camera 2 Coronagraphic ACQs
A. Schultz 29 May 1998

NICMOS ISR-98-010: NICMOS Parallel Thermal Background: Results from SMOV and Cycle 7
D. Daou 18 May 1998

NICMOS ISR-98-009: Focus Variation and the Orbital Phase of Observations
A. Storrs 14 May 1998

NICMOS ISR-98-006: Observed Camera 3 Performance
A. Storrs 06 May 1998

NICMOS ISR-98-008: Statistics of Accumulating Signal
W. Sparks 04 May 1998

NICMOS ISR-98-007: Possible Evidence for NICMOS Focus 'Precessional Breathing'
A. Suchkov 01 May 1998

OSG-CAL-98-01: NICMOS History Database and Web Tools
C. Tullos 16 Mar 1998

NICMOS ISR-98-005: NICMOS Focus Field Variations (FFV) and Focus Centering
A. Suchkov 16 Mar 1998

NICMOS ISR-98-004: NICMOS Focus Monitoring
A.Suchkov 16 Mar 1998

NICMOS ISR-98-003: NICMOS Camera 3 Pointed Flats
A. Schultz 12 Mar 1998

NICMOS ISR-98-002: First NICMOS On-Orbit Flat-Fields: Results from SMOV Data
D. Calzetti 05 Mar 1998

REVISED Cycle 7 Calibration Plan
L. Colina 01 Mar 1998

NICMOS ISR-98-001: Cosmic Ray Persistence in NICMOS Data
J. Najita 25 Feb 1998

NICMOS ISR-031: NICMOS Camera 2 Coronagraphic Acquisition
A. Schultz 13 Jan 1998


NICMOS ISR-032: NICMOS SAA Contour Test: Results from SMOV data
D. Daou 31 Dec 1997

OSG-CAL-97-007: NICMOS Distortion Correction
C. Cox 15 Dec 1997

NICMOS ISR-030: Analysis Tools for the New Instruments: NICMOS and STIS images. I
D. Calzetti 05 Dec 1997

REVISED Cycle 7 Calibration Plan
L. Colina 01 Nov 1997

NICMOS ISR-029: The STScI NICMOS Pipeline: CALNICB, Reduction of Image Associations
J. MacKenty 28 Oct 1997

NICMOS ISR-028: The STScI NICMOS Pipeline: CALNICA, Single Image Reduction (Rev. A)
H. Bushouse 28 Oct 1997

NICMOS ISR -1997-025: NICMOS Pointed Thermal Background: Results from On-Orbit data
D. Daou 14 Oct 1997

NICMOS ISR-1997-027: Camera 3 Performance
A. Storrs 01 Oct 1997

NICMOS ISR-024: Persistence in NICMOS: Results from On-Orbit data
D. Daou 12 Sep 1997

OSG-CAL-97-04: NICMOS SM-2 SMOV Alignment Results
O. Lupie 06 Aug 1997

NICMOS ISR-023: Persistence in NICMOS: Results from Thermal Vacuum Data
D. Daou 16 Jun 1997

NICMOS ISR-022: Cosmic Rays on NICMOS: Results from On-Orbit Data
D. Calzetti 07 Jun 1997

NICMOS ISR-021: NICMOS Cycle 7 Calibration Plan
L. Colina 20 May 1997

NICMOS ISR-020: NICMOS Phase 2 Proposal Examples
D. Calzetti 12 Mar 1997

NICMOS ISR-018: NICMOS Paper Products: Build 1
L. Colina 05 Feb 1997


NICMOS ISR-016: The WWW NICMOS Exposure Time Calculator and Units Conversion Program
D. Calzetti 11 Dec 1996

NICMOS ISR 1996-019: Cosmic Rays on NICMOS: Results from Thermal Vacuum Data
D. Calzetti 27 Nov 1996

NICMOS ISR-017: Supported MULTIACCUM Sequences
J. MacKenty 19 Nov 1996

NICMOS ISR-009: The STScI NICMOS Pipeline: CALNICA, Single Image Reduction
H. Bushouse 10 Jun 1996

NICMOS ISR-013: NICMOS Proposal Instructions 2: Patterns and Associations
J. MacKenty 15 May 1996

NICMOS ISR-012: NICMOS Proposal Instructions 1: General Instructions
J. MacKenty 15 May 1996

NICMOS ISR-015: Exposure Time & S/N Calculators for NICMOS
C. Skinner 29 Mar 1996

NICMOS ISR-014: Flux Units and NICMOS
C. Skinner 23 Feb 1996

NICMOS ISR-010: Associations of NICMOS and STIS Exposures: an extension of the HST data processing pipeline
J. MacKenty 19 Feb 1996


NICMOS ISR-95-006: Effects of the NICMOS Array Flat-field Response on Observations.
C. Skinner 01 Dec 1995

NICMOS ISR-95-004: NICMOS Design Reference Mission and Command Volume Estimate
W. Baggett 21 Nov 1995

NICMOS ISR-95-005: Characterisation of NICMOS Array Flat-field Response.
C. Skinner 02 Nov 1995

NICMOS ISR-002: NICMOS Data Formats in OPUS and STSDAS
J. MacKenty 25 Jul 1995

NICMOS ISR-001: NICMOS Design Reference Mission and Ground System Volume Estimate
J. MacKenty 25 Jul 1995