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HST Documents


ISR-ACS-2007-07, Calibration of ACS/WFC Absolute Scale & Rotation for Use in Creation of a JWST Astrometric Reference FIeld
Roeland P. van der Marel et al. 02 Jul 2007


ISR-TEL-2006-01, Modeling Aberrations in the Advanced Camera for Surveys
K. Houairi et al. 13 Oct 2006


ISR-TEL-2005-03, HST Temporal Optical Behavior & Current Focus Status
M. Lallo et al. 27 Oct 2005

Guiding Errors in 3-Gyro: Experience from WF/PC, WFPC2, STIS, NICMOS and ACS
R. L. Gilliland 20 Feb 2005

Observer Anomaly(?): Recent Jitter & PSF Variations
R. L. Gilliland 01 Feb 2005


ACS field-dependent PSF variations...
J. Krist 01 Jun 2003


HST Focus in Year 2000 - A Review of the Cycle 9 Focus Monitor Program
M. Lallo 01 Feb 2001


Modelling HST Focal-Length Variations
J. Hershey 01 Jan 2000


A Thermal Study of the Early NGST Instrument Module
M. Lallo 01 May 1998

NICMOS History Database and Web Tools
C. Tullos 01 Apr 1998


NICMOS Distortion Correction
C. Cox 01 Dec 1997

Velocity Aberration Correction for Parallel Observations
C. Cox 01 Oct 1997

NICMOS SM-2 SMOV Alignment Results
O. Lupie 01 Aug 1997

WWW Query Tool for CDBS
C. Tullos 01 Aug 1997

The Focal Plane Monitoring Program
C. Cox 01 May 1997

Data Quality Assessment Database and a World-Wide Web Interface
C. Tullos 01 Feb 1997


Transforming Non-COSTAR Aperture Positions to the New Vehicle Reference
M. Lallo 01 Sep 1996

The HST Set of Absolute Standards for the 0.12 micron to 2.5 microns Spectral Range
L. Colina 01 Aug 1996

CDBS Spectral Atlases of Galaxies and Emission Line Objects
L. Colina 01 Jul 1996

OSG Cycle 6 Calibration Plan
L. Colina 01 Jun 1996

The 0.12-2.5 micron Absolute Flux Distribution of the Sun for Comparison with Solar Analog Stars
L. Colina 01 Apr 1996

Absolute Flux Calibrated Spectrum of Vega
L. Colina 01 Mar 1996

Spectrophotometric Standards from the Far-UV to the Near-IR on the White Dwarf Flux Scale
R. Bohlin 01 Jan 1996


Absolute Flux Calibration of Optical Spectrophotometric Standard Stars
L. Colina 01 Oct 1995

CDBS Kurucz Stellar Atmosphere Atlas
L. Colina 01 Jul 1995

White Dwarf Standard Stars: G191-B2B, GD 71, GD 153, HZ 43
R. Bohlin 01 May 1995

Focus Monitoring and Recommendation for Secondary Mirror Move
S. Casertano 01 Jan 1995


The WFPC2 Scales and Alignments
C. Cox 01 Oct 1994

An Investigation into the Guidance of FOC GTO 4073
S. Holfeltz 01 Jun 1994

A Multipurpose Pointing Analysis Tool (OBSOLETE!)
C. Cox 01 Feb 1994


A Determination of the Pointing History during FOS Scans of Mars
C. Cox 01 Dec 1993


Attitude Determination and Target Location
C. Cox 01 Nov 1992