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The Telescope and Instruments Performance Summary (TIPS)/JWST Informal Monthly (JIM) Meetings are intended to provide a concise overview of the current state of JWST and HST, their scientific instruments and related topics of interest.

TIPS/JIM Meetings are generally held on the third Thursday of each month at 10:00 a.m. in the STScI Auditorium. Occasionally, e.g. during SMOV periods, these meetings may be held more frequently.

The pages associated with each TIPS/JIM meeting contain links to both a single PDF file of that meeting (agenda, presentations, and questions & answers) as well as the individual presentations in their source formats.


17 July 2014
  • INS Division – Margaret Meixner
  • STScI Network Update - Dave Liska
  • Mission Engineering and Science Analysis (MESA) - Jeff Valenti
  • INS Service Awards - Margaret Meixner
19 June 2014
  • INS Division – Jerry Kriss
  • NIRISS - Alex Fullerton
  • An Overview of the CRDS System - Matt McMaster
  • Bringing Version Control (git) to INS - Azalee Boestrom
15 May 2014
  • INS Division – Linda Smith
  • NIRCam - Jerry Kriss
  • WFC3 UVIS Dark Calibration - John Biretta
  • Time-varying Excess Earth-glow Backgrounds in the WFC3/IR Channel - Gabe Brammer
17 April 2014
  • INS Division – Linda Smith
  • COS+STIS - Cristina Oliveira
  • Cycle 22 Submission Stats - Brett Blacker
  • First Light for NIRISS During ISIM CV1RR - Andre Martel
20 March 2014
  • INS Division – Margaret Meixner
  • ACS - Marco Chiaberge
  • Simulations of MIRI Four-Quadrant Phase Mask Coronography - Charles-Philippe Lajoie
  • Visualizing Moving Targets in APT - Christopher Moriarty
  • INS Division – Linda Smith
  • MIRI - Karl Gordon
  • Integrated Science Services for Observers - Francesca Boffi
  • Understanding Persistence: A 3D Trap Map of an H2RG Imaging Sensor - Rachel Anderson
16 January 2014
  • INS Division – Linda Smith
  • RIAB - Max Mutchler
  • Distortion of the Pixel Grid in the WFC3/UVIS and ACS/WFC CCD Detectors and Its Astrometric Correction - Vera Kozhurina-Platais
  • Enhancing the Legacy of HST Spectroscopy - Alessandra Aloisi


  • Telescopes - Roeland van der Marel
  • The INS Diversity, Culture, and Respect Working Group - Erin Elliott
  • Update on Ongoing AFTA Coronagraph Study, Laurent Pueyo
17 October 2013
  • INS Division – Linda Smith
  • WFC3 - John MacKenty
  • ACS Self-Calibration Strategies Developed for the Frontier Fields Program - Jay Anderson
  • STScI Information Security and Remote Access - Dave Liska
  • INS Division – Linda Smith
  • JWST NIRSpec at STScI - Tracy Beck
  • NIRSpec Status and Introduction to the ESA JWST SOT - Marco Sirianni
  • HST Frontier Fields - Jennifer Lotz
15 August 2013
  • INS Division – Linda Smith
  • ACS/WFC Geometric Distortion: the linear terms – Leonardo Ubeda
  • JWST Efficiency – Jason Tumlinson
  • Science Concept for Additional Functionality in the Mosaic Planning Tool – Jeff Valenti
  • Mosaic Demo
18 July 2013
  • News, Linda Smith
  • Team presentation, The Mission Engineering and Science Analysis (MESA) Team - Jeff Valenti
  • Technical talks:
    • A Back-up Method for Coarse Phasing JWST - Operational Considerations - Anand Sivaramakrishnan
    • The Operations Detector Lab and JWST Reference Pixels - Mike Regan
20 June 2013
  • INS Division News, Linda Smith
  • The Near-InfraRed Imager and Slitless Spectrograph (NIRISS) Team, Alex Fullerton
  • The Next Generation Exposure Time Calculator for JWST – Klaus Pontoppidan
16 May 2013
  • INS Division News, Linda Smith
  • The COS/STIS Team, Alessandra Aloisi
  • Capabilities of Pulse Height Amplitudes and COS, Justin Ely
  • Presentation on Storage Solution, Prem Mishra
18 April 2013
  • INS Division News, Linda Smith
  • The INS NIRCam Team, Jerry Kriss
  • Status of JWST/ISIM Testing, Scott Friedman
  • Single-Object Slitless Spectroscopy with NIRISS, Kevin Volk
21 March 2013
  • News, Linda Smith; JWST Updates, Tom Brown
  • HST's Advanced Camera for Surveys: 11 Years and Counting, Norman Grogin
  • The Bright Object Aperture in COS at the New Lifetime Position, John Debes
  • HST Cycle 21 Phase 1 Proposal Statistics, Brett Blacker
  • HST Update, Ken Sembach; INS News, Jerry Kriss
  • Introduction to Mid-Infrared Instrument Team, Karl Gordon
  • Solar System Science with JWST, Dean Hines
  • Recent Wavefront Control with Hubble, Matt Lallo
17 January 2013
  • INS Status, Margaret Meixner; JWST Status, Tom Brown
  • Team Presentation, RIAB, Max Mutchler
  • The WFC3 Quicklook Project, Alex Viana


18 October 2012
  • INS Status, Margaret Meixner
  • COS FUV Lifetime Move, Rachel Osten
  • VoIP Update: New/Expanded Voice, Collaboration and Mobility Services for STScI, Dave Liska
  • A Preliminary Cycle 1 Calibration Plan for the JWST Science Instruments, James Muzerolle
  • INS Status, Margaret Meixner
  • The Wide-Field Slitless Spectroscopy Mode of NIRISS, Van Dixon
  • D2D Data Protection Solution Evaluation, Prem Mishra
16 August 2012
  • INS Status, Margaret Meixner
  • The Delivery of FGS/NIRISS to the Goddard Space Flight Center, Alex Fullerton
  • How Post-Flashing Can Help CTE in Some UVIS Images, Jay Anderson
  • JWST SODRM 2012 Effort, Karl Gordon
19 July 2012
  • INS Status, Danny Lennon
  • New MAST Discovery Portal Interface, Tom Donaldson
  • Demo of the Hubble Legacy Archive (HLA) Interface, Lee Quick
  • Hubble Source Catalog, Steve Lubow
21 June 2012
  • INS Status, Danny Lennon
  • Voice Over Internet Protocol, Gary Gladney
  • NIRISS NRM Bad Pixel Tolerance Analysis, Anand Sivaramakrishnan
  • The Infrared Sky: Background Considersations for JWST, Dean Hines
17 May 2012
  • INS News, John MacKenty and Tom Brown with JWST News
  • A New Photometric Correction Formula for ACS, Marco Chiaberge
  • ITSD Reorganization, Marty Durkin
  • FGS CVAC Test Results, Pierre Chayer
19 April 2012
  • INS News, Danny Lennon
  • A New General Tool for Simulating NIRSPEC MSA Observations, Klaus Pontoppidan
  • How Does the WFC3 Geometric Distortion Vary with Time, Vera Koshurina-Platais
  • The New WFC3 Photometric Calibration, Jason Kalirai
15 March 2012
  • INS News, Margaret Meixner
  • The New CALACS, Linda Smith
  • Post-SM4 Sensitivity Calibration of the STIS Echelle Modes, Azalee Bostroem
  • Aperture Synthesis Imaging with JWST NIRISS' Non-redundant Mask, Anand Sivaramakrishnan
19 January 2012
  • INS News, Danny Lennon
  • Selection of the New COS/FUV Lifetime Position, Cristina Oliveira
  • Upcoming Enhancements to the HST Archive, Mark Kyprianou
  • Using Exchange Leave Calendars at STScI, Glenn Miller


  • INS/JWST News, Roeland van der Marel/Massimo Stiavelli
  • Pixel-based CTE Correction of ACS/WFC: CTE Time and Temperature Dependence, Leonardo Ubeda
  • Correction of the post-SM4 ACS/WFC signal dependent bias shift, David Golimowski
  • Confluence, Ann Gonella (no slides)
  • INS News, Danny Lennon
  • JWST Status, Massimo Stiavelli
  • The New WFC3/UVIS Flats, Jennifer Mack
  • The COS FUV Lifetime Adjustment Plan, Alessandra Aloisi
  • Bias and Dark Calibration of ACS/WFC Data: Post-SM4 Automated Pipeline, Pey-Lian Lim
  • INS News, Danny Lennon
  • JWST Update, Massimo Stiavelli
  • Introducing JWST's NIRISS: The Near Infrared Imager and Slitless Spectrograph, Alex Fullerton
  • Updated Results from the COS Spectroscopic Sensitivity Monitoring, Rachel Osten
  • Flux Dependent Non-Linearity in NIR Detectors: The Evil Twin of Persistence, Mike Regan
18 August 2011
  • INS News, Margaret Meixner
  • Please Help Me! An Intro to the new HST Help Desk, Jennifer Mack
  • Signal to noise capabilities of COS if need be, Derck Massa
21 July 2011
  • INS News, Danny Lennon
  • Improved COS Medium Resolution FUV Line Spread Functions, Jerry Kriss
  • Detection of Line-shaped Tracks in Images with DADD, Peter McCullough
  • Persistence from Cosmic Rays in JWST NIR Detectors, Mike Regan
21 April 2011
  • NIRSpec Hardware and Test Status, Tony Keyes, Tracy Beck, Dave Soderblom
  • Highlights from the NIRSpec Science Team Meeting (and recent news), D. Soderblom, J. Valenti
17 March 2011
  • INS News, Danny Lennon
  • HST Data Management Systems, Rosa Diaz
  • JWST FGS and TFI Cryovac Risk Mitigation Tests, Pierre Chayer
  • Cycle 19 Statistics, Brett Blacker
  • INS News, Danny Lennon
  • Cosmic Ray Detection in Infrared Data, Rachel Anderson
  • The PR System and How the INS Teams Can Make Good Use of it, Rosa Diaz
  • WFC3 IR and UVIS Flat Fields, Elena Sabbi
20 January 2011
  • INS News, Danny Lennon
  • Gain Sag in the COS FUV Detector, Dave Sahnow
  • Observing Scenarios for NIRSpec, Dave Soderblom


  • INS News, Danny Lennon
  • The Response of COS below 1150 Angstroms, Derck Massa
  • JWST IFUs and IFU Development Plans, Tracy Beck
  • JWST Presence at the AAS, Jason Kalirai and Matt Mountain
  • INS News, Danny Lennon
  • MIRI Observing Templates, Christine Chen
  • Non-redundant Tilts (NRT) - A Fallback Coarse Phasing Method for JWST Using TFI, Anand Sivaramakrishnan
  • JWST Integration and Testing - The Testing Assessment Team Review, Erin Elliott
  • INS News, Jerry Kriss
  • An Improved Treatment of the Linearity Correction of IR Detectors, Massimo Robberto
  • Monitoring the Wavelength Calibration Lamps for the Hubble Space Telescope, Ilaria Pascucci
  • The Non-Redundant Mask on JWST, Anand Sivaramakrishnan
17 June 2010
  • INS News, Jerry Kriss
  • Status of Testing the NIRSpec Detector Subsystem, Mike Regan
  • 1-D Flat Fields for COS G130M and G160M, Tom Ake
  • STIS CCD: Housing Temperature, Darks and Charge Transfer Inefficiency, Michael Wolfe
20 May 2010
  • INS News, Jerry Kriss
  • Status of Testing the NIRCam Engineering Test Unit (ETU), Kailash Sahu
  • Status of Testing the Fine Guidance Sensor ETU, Pierre Chayer
  • Overview of the JWST Mission CDR, Massimo Robberto
18 March 2010
  • INS News, Daniel Lennon
  • CLASH, Marc Postman
  • Galaxy Evolution and Supervocae from a Deep-Wide WFC3 Survey, Harry Ferguson
  • A Panchromatic Hubble Andromeda Survey, Jason Kalirai
  • INS News, Jerry Kriss
  • The "Happy Bunny": Characterizing Long-Wavelength Fringing in WFC3/UVIS, Michael Wong
  • HST Focus Monitoring and Phase Retrieval on WFC3, Sami-Matias Niemi
  • Optimization Strategies for the NIRSpec MSA Planning Tool, James Muzerolle
21 January 2010
  • INS News, Jerry Kriss
  • Early Results from the COS Time-Dependent Spectroscopic Sensitivity Programs, Rachel Osten
  • CTE in the Dark: An Empirical Pixel-Based Correction for CTE, Jay Anderson


  • INS News, Jerry Kriss
  • Removing Bias Stripes in ACS-R Frames, Norman Grogin
  • WFC3 Astrometric Calibration, Vera Platais
  • INS News, Jerry Kriss
  • Webb Flux Calibration Status, Karl Gordon
  • JWST FGS Guide Star Studies, Sherie Holfeltz
  • Breathing and Focus Field Variations for NICMOS, Deepashri Thatte
15 October 2009
  • INS News, Jerry Kriss
  • JWST Dithering: NIRSpec and a Cross-Instrument View, Jason Tumlinson
  • Persistence: Theory and Observations, Mike Regan
  • The Photometric Performance and Calibration of WFC3, Jason Kalirai
  • The Post-Launch Line Spread Function of COS, Parviz Ghavamian
  • The Cycle 17 Long-Range Plan for HST, Dave Adler
  • ACS Status, Norman Grogin
  • STIS Status, Charles Proffitt
  • WFC3 Status, Susanna Deustua
  • COS Status, Tony Keyes
20 August 2009
  • INS News, Jerry Kriss
  • ACS Status, Norman Grogin
  • COS Status, Tony Keyes
  • WFC3 Status, Susana Deustua
16 July 2009
  • ACS Status, David Golimowski
  • COS Status, Tony Keyes
  • STIS Status, Charles Proffitt
  • WFC3 Status, John MacKenty
  • HST Focus and Pointing, Matt Lallo
  • NICMOS Update, Anton Koekemoer
21 May 2009
  • INS Division News, Danny Lennon
  • WFC3 Status, John MacKenty
  • COS Status, Tony Keyes
  • ACS Status, Linda Smith
  • STIS Status, Charles Proffitt
  • EVA5, Batteries, FGS, NOBL, and so long Hubble, Ed Smith
  • NICMOS Status, Anton Koekemoer
16 April 2009
  • INS Division News, Jerry Kriss
  • MIRI Dither Patterns, Christine Chen
  • Observing Exoplanets with JWST, Kailash Sahu
  • NICMOS Grism Wavelength Calibration, (Nor Pirzkal)
19 March 2009
  • INS Division News, Jerry Kriss
  • New Static DQ Masks for NICMOS, Tomas Dahlen
  • The ACS-R Optimization Campaign Dry Run, David Golimowski
  • Summary of the JWST ISIM CDR, (NOT PUBLISHED)
  • INS Division News, Jerry Kriss
  • Stars for JWST‚??s Routine Wavefront-Sensing Operations, Jay Anderson
  • FGS1r AMA Adjustment, Ed Nelan
  • Using GSC-II to Guide JWST, Pierre Chayer
15 January 2009
  • INS Division News, Jerry Kriss
  • Five Busy Months for FGS, Ed Nelan
  • The NIRSpec Critical Design Review, Tracy Beck


  • INS Division News, Jerry Kriss
  • New NICMOS temperature dependent reference files, Tomas Dahlen
  • Two eventful months in the life of HST, Chris Long
16 October 2008
  • INS Division News, Jerry Kriss
  • An Update on HST Status, Ken Sembach
  • MIRI VM2 Testing, Scott Friedman
  • INS Division News, Stefano Casertano
  • ACS-R Readiness Status, Marco Sirianni
  • Status of NICMOS and NCS, Anton Koekemoer
  • The Tunable Filter Imager passes its CDR , Alex Fullerton
21 August 2008
  • INS Division News, Stefano Casertano
  • The Status of COS Flat Fields, Tom Ake
  • HST Focus Status Entering SMOV, Matt Lallo
19 June 2008
  • INS Division News, Stefano Casertano
  • HST Pointing: Some Recent Statistics, Matt Lallo
  • Updated CTE correction formulae for ACS, Marco Chiaberge
  • NIRCam: Status Update, Kailash Sahu
22 May 2008
  • INS Division News, Jerry Kriss
  • MIRI Target Acquisition using Faint Sources, Karl Gordon
  • WFC3 Thermal-Vacuum Test #3, Howard Bushouse
  • Status of ACS Repair, Marco Sirianni
17 April 2008
  • INS Division News, Jerry Kriss
  • Observing Moving Targets with JWST, Ed Nelan
  • Operations Detector Lab: Status and Issues, Mike Regan
  • Recent Improvements in CALNICA, Tomas Dahlen
20 March 2008
  • INS Division News, Jerry Kriss
  • JWST Science Operations from the perspective of a GO/GTO, Alex Fullerton
  • Tracing the JWST Proposal from User Interface to Commanding of an Instrument, Margaret Meixner
  • INS Division News, Jerry Kriss
  • An Unexpected Hysteresis Effect Seen in Hawaii-2RG Detectors, Jay Anderson
  • One-Gyro Science On-Orbit Test & Kalman Filter Sunpoint Safemode Test, Merle Reinhart
  • WFPC2 1-Gyro Test Results, Matt McMaster
  • One-Gyro Operations FGS Observations, Ed Nelan
17 January 2008
  • INS Division News, Jerry Kriss
  • The NIRSpec Target Selection Tool, Jeff Valenti and Tom Donaldson
  • The JWST OTE Preliminary Design Review, Roeland van der Marel
  • Bright Earth Persistence in NICMOS, Adam Riess


  • INS Division News, Jerry Kriss
  • WFC3 Status, John MacKenty
  • The MIRI Image Slicers, Gillian Wright
18 October 2007
  • INS Division News, Jerry Kriss
  • COS Update: The NUV Gratings, Tony Keyes
  • Updates on the ACS-Repair, Marco Sirianni
  • Pyraf/Pipeline Removal of SAA Persistence from NICMOS Data, Elizabeth Barker
  • INS Division News, Jerry Kriss
  • NICMOS Defocus Mode Status, Ilana Dashevsky
  • An Overview of Recent HST Safings, Ken Sembach
  • The Cycle 16 Long-range Plan, Dave Adler
19 July 2007
  • INS Division News, Jerry Kriss
  • WFC3 Thermal Vacuum and Detector News, John MacKenty
  • Improving HST Pointing & Astrometry, Matt Lallo
  • The STIS FUV MAMA Dark Current, Charles Proffitt
21 June 2007
  • INS Division News, Jerry Kriss
  • Modeling the JWST Point Spread Function, Russ Makidon
  • Floating Windows for Webb Target Acquisition, Mike Regan
17 May 2007
  • INS Division News, Jerry Kriss
  • WFC3 Ambient Calibration Results, Howard Bushouse
  • Dither and Drizzling with WFPC2, Max Mutchler
  • WFPC2 Closeout Plan, John Biretta
  • Towards Creation of a JWST Astrometric Reference Field: Calibration of HST/ACS Absolute Scale and Rotation, Roeland van der Marel
19 April 2007
  • INS Division News, Jerry Kriss
  • Results of the Cycle 16 HST Peer Review, Brett Blacker
  • ACS/WFC Geometric Distortion and CTE, Vera Kozhurina-Platais
  • JWST FGS-Guider Critical Design Review, Pierre Chayer
15 March 2007
  • Two-Gyro Performance: Scheduling and Acquisitions, Merle Reinhart
  • Quantum efficiency of a near-infrared array detector , Peter McCullough
  • JWST calibration error budget, Jerry Kriss
  • ACS Status Update, Marco Sirianni
  • Update on NICMOS flat-field monitoring, Tomas Dahlen
  • Speckle Interferometer for Measurement of Large Optical Structures, Babak Saif
18 January 2007
  • ACS WFC Flat-Field Changes, Ron Gilliland
  • The JWST Mid-Infrared Instrument Design Review Status, Margaret Meixner
  • Data Analysis for the JWST/BSTA Test, Warren Hack