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Spectrographs Group Procedures


Last Revised Dec 2010

The following are instructions for installing the xstis 
package in IRAF. The xstis package consists of a group of 
tasks used by the Spectrographs Group to test new or 
modified scripts and code within the IRAF environment before
moving them to a standard package. After testing and 
approval the task(s) will be moved to teststis for internal 
use only tasks, or STSDAS for release to the GO community. 
As these tasks are considered experimental, it is not 
recommended that they be shared with General Observers.

To correctly install the XSTIS Package, and have access to 
all the internal IRAF and IDT IDL Tasks, as well as to the 
oref/ directory, do the following:

1. Edit the .envrc file in your home directory.
   Comment out the IRAF line. Uncomment the IRAFX line, the 
   IDL entry, and add a line for the new STIS package. Things 
   should end up looking like this:
        Package: IDL
        Package: IRAFX
        Package: STIS

Note: People in a GO support position need to be able to 
switch to public release IRAF at will so that they can 
see the results as the GOs do (See Ed's unix/startup 
.alias example for IRAF startup setup).

2. To have access to the internal xstis IRAF package, add 
these lines to  your or preferentially your file in your IRAF directory:

     set xstis = "/grp/hst/stis/software/"
     task xstis.pkg = xstis$
     reset helpdb = (envget ("helpdb") // ",xstis$helpdb.mip")

4. Log out of your window manager and log back in.

5. Test the set up
   a) Start up iraf
   b) type:
        cl> show iraf
   You should see 

typing xstis at the cl> prompt will load the internal xstis 
package. You can also cd to oref$ from within IRAF (reference 
files directory) to verify that it is being correctly found.