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Science Software Branch

Science Software Branch

  • Perry Greenfield - Branch Head, Science Analysis Tools lead, PyRAF, numarray
  • Warren Hack - Science Analysis Applications lead, ACS calibration and analysis, IGI, Dither/Drizzle/PyDrizzle/MultiDrizzle, Paper Products, PyRAF
  • Howard Bushouse - WFC3 & NICMOS calibration and analysis, synthetic photometry, regression testing
  • Ivo Busko - STIS calibration & analysis, isophote, fitting, specview, Graphics support, APT, java, PyDrizzle/MultiDrizzle
  • Nadia Dencheva - Installations, releases, FITS compression, PyDrizzle
  • Michael Droettboom - Python, matplotlib
  • David Grumm - GOODS self-calibration, Kepler
  • Chris Hanley - CASB, C++, Object-Oriented Databases, GSCII, PyDrizzle/MultiDrizzle, numpy
  • Phil Hodge - Tables, STIS and COS calibration and analysis, Fourier analysis, PyRAF, Kepler
  • Robert Jedrzejewski - NICMOS, WFPC2 calibration & analysis, WWW site, Zope, PyDrizzle/MultiDrizzle, Gemini, regression testing
  • Vicki Laidler - Exposure Time Calculators, synphot, gasp, GOODS, NICMOS
  • Donald McLean - Java, exposure time calculators
  • Todd Miller - numarray, gflib, Python Libraries, CVOS, WHIRC, PyRAF
  • Mark Sienkiewicz - Installations, deliveries, scripting
  • Chris Sontag - PyRAF, Kepler, OPUS
  • Megan Sosey - WFC3, MultiDrizzle, MIRI