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Colloquia - Fall 2004

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Date Speaker/Title
09/08/04 Peng Oh (UCSB)
The First Luminous Objects
09/15/04 Jane Charlton (PSU)
Galaxies and Other Gaseous Structures Through Quasar Absorption Lines
09/22/04 Annette Ferguson (Max-Planck)
Shedding Light on the Dimmest Parts of Galaxies
09/29/04 No colloquium
10/06/04 David Hogg (NYU)
Galaxy Evolution and the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
10/13/04 George Rieke (U Arizona)
A Planet's Rocky Road to Success
10/20/04 Gary Bernstein (U Penn)
The ACS Trans-Neptunian Object Search
10/27/04 George Ricker (MIT)
Gamma-ray Bursts: Searching for the Largest Explosions in the Universe
11/03/04 Rebecca Bernstein (U Michigan)
Deriving Detailed Abundances in Extragalactic Globular Clusters
11/10/04 Kim Venn (Macalester)
Chemistry of Stars in Dwarf Galaxies as a Test of Hierarchical Galaxy Formation
11/17/04 No colloquium
11/24/04 No colloquium - Thanksgiving Holiday
12/01/04 Georgi Dvali, NYU
Gravity and the Dark Energy
12/08/04 Owen Gingerich, Harvard
The Book Nobody Read - Chasing the Revolutions of Nicolaus Copernicus
12/15/04 Chris Martin, CalTech
GALEX - A Year Exploring the UV Universe
12/22/04 No colloquium
12/29/04 No colloquium