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Colloquia - Fall 2005

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Date Speaker/Title
09/14/05 Ethan Vishniac, JHU
Making Magnetic Fields: Dynmos in the Nonlinear Regime
09/21/05 Sangeeta Malhotra, STScI
Redshift Six: The Beginning of the Universe as we Know it?
09/28/05 Volker Bromm, University of Texas
The First Stars and Their Impact on Cosmology
No Colloquium
10/12/05 Edward Churchwell, U. of Wisconsin
A Summary of Recent Results from the GLIMPSE Survey
No Colloquium - NRDD Workshop
No Colloquium - HST Calibration Workshop
11/02/05 Michael Strauss, Princeton
Active Galaxies at Low and High Redshift: Type II Quasars, Reionization, and Other Insights from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey
11/09/05 Mary Putman, U. of Michigan
What Goes on in the Dark of Galaxy Halos?
11/16/05 Keith Noll, STScI
Binaries in the Solar System
No Colloquium - Thanksgiving
11/30/05 Jason Prochaska, UCO/Lick Observatory
The SDSS Survey for Damped Lya Systems: Evolution in Neutral Gas at High Redshift
12/07/05 Alice Shapley, Princeton
Star-Formation, Chemical Enrichment, and Feedback at z~23
12/14/05 Ben Oppenheimer, AMNH
Recent Results from the Lyot Project
No Colloquium - Winter Break
No Colloquium - Winter Break
2005/09/08: Sara Seager, DTM, CIW
Towards a Physical Characterization of Extrasolar Planets