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Colloquia - Fall 2007

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Date Speaker/Title
09/12/07 Luigi Bedin
Multiple Populations in Galactic Globular Clusters
09/19/07 Rachel Somerville
The Assembly of Galaxies and Their Black Holes: the Role of AGN Feedback in Galaxy Formation
09/26/07 Mike Shara
Planets, Novae and Supernovae in Dense Star Clusters; Changing all the Rules
10/03/07 Warren Brown
Hypervelocity Stars Ejected from the Galactic Center
10/10/07 Chris Pritchet
The Supernova Legacy Survey: New Results on Cosmology and the Nature of Type Ia Supernovae
10/17/07 Alicia Soderberg
Multiwavelength study of SN-GRB connection
10/24/07 Ralph Lorenz
Titan Unveiled
10/31/07 Jim Pringle
Spinning Black Holes - Which Way Do They Point?
11/07/07 Tony Tyson
New Science Opportunities with LSST
11/14/07 Astrophysics 2020
None scheduled
11/21/07 Thanksgiving
None scheduled
11/28/07 Jane Turner
X-ray Spectroscopy of Local AGN: What Is Really Coming from the Inner Disk?
12/05/07 John Mather
From the Big Bang to the Nobel Prize and on to James Webb Space Telescope
12/12/07 Geoff Marcy (John Bahcall Lecture)
Observed Properties of Exoplanets: from Giants to Sub-Neptunes
12/19/07 Nino Panagia
Supernova Progenitors
12/26/07 Christmas Holiday
None scheduled