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Colloquia - Spring 2007

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Date Speaker/Title
01/17/07 Nuria Calvet
Evolution of Dust in Young Disks and the First Stages of Planet Formation
01/31/07 Natasha Ivanova
Formation and Evolution of X-ray Binaries in Globular Clusters
02/07/07 Lisa Kewley
Cosmic Star Formation and the Metallicity History of Galaxies
02/13/07 (Tuesday): Dawn Erb
Mass, Metallicity, Kinematics and Star Formation in Galaxies at z~2
02/21/07 Raman Sundrum
4D Cosmos from 5D Warped Chaos
02/28/07 Tom Brown
The Formation History of the Andromeda Galaxy
03/07/07 Rachel Bean
Dynamical Dark Energy: Matter or Gravity?
03/14/07 Dan Kasen
The Theoretical Understanding of Type Ia Supernova Light Curves
03/21/07 Rob Kennicutt
Nearby Galaxies as Revealed by the Spitzer Space Telescope
03/28/07 Margaret Meixner
Spitzer Survey of the Large Magellanic Cloud Surveying the Agents of a Galaxy's Evolution (SAGE)
04/04/07 Emeric Le Floc`h
A Spitzer View of Massive Star Formation and AGNs at High Redshift
04/11/07 Harriet Dinerstein
Peeking Beyond the Iron Peak: Neutron-Capture Elements in Planetary Nebulae
04/18/07 Crystal Martin
Feedback from Starburst and Active Galaxies over Cosmic Time
No Colloquium - Spring Symposium
05/02/07 Leo Blitz
Gas in Galaxies: Puzzles and Prospects
05/16/07 Bill Harris
Star Formation and Gas in Nearby Galaxies: The Dynamic and Chemisty of Feedback
05/23/07 Ed Guinan
Hot Times with Red Dwarfs-Effects of XUV Emissions of Young Red Dwarfs on Hosted Planets and Life