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Colloquia - Fall 2008

CPT and OPO presents archived webcasting of talks and Colloquia.
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Date Speaker/Title
09/17/08 Craig Hogan (Fermilab)
New Physics and Cosmology with LISA and Other Interferometers
Host: Steve Lubow
09/24/08 Mark Krumholz (UC Santa Cruz)
Why Is Star Formation So Slow?
Host: Jason Tumlinson
10/01/08 Eiichiro Komatsu (U Texas)
The Cosmic Microwave Background as a Probe of the Very Early Universe
Host: Adam Riess
10/08/08 Servicing Mission
No Talk Scheduled
Host: -
10/15/08 Varsha Kulkarni (U South Carolina)
Shadows of Galaxies: Quasar Absorption Lines as Probes of Galaxy Evolution
Host: Rachel Somerville
10/22/08 Anna Frebel (U Texas)
What the Most Metal-Poor Stars Tell Us About the Early Universe
Host: Howard Bond
10/29/08 Shri Kulkarni (Caltech)
An explosion of Cosmic Explosions
Host: Ron Allen
11/05/08 Michael Kuhlen (IAS)
The Dark Matter Annihilation Signal from Galactic Substructure
Host: Roeland van der Marel
11/12/08 Claude Canizares (MIT)
Searching for the Missing Baryons in the Warm/Hot Intergalactic Medium
Host: Jerry Kriss
11/19/08 Anatoly Spitkovsky (Princeton)
The Physics of Collisionless Shocks
Host: Asaf Pe'er
12/03/08 Barry Barish (Caltech)
Host: Massimo Stiavelli
12/10/08 Mariangela Bernardi (U Penn)
Massive Galaxies in Massive Datasets
Host: Claus Leitherer