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Colloquia - Fall 2009

CPT and OPO presents archived webcasting of talks and Colloquia.
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Date Speaker/Title
09/09/09 Steve Strom (NOAO)
The Evolution of Circumstellar Disks: What Kinds of Planets Form in What Kinds of Disks?
Host: James Muzerolle
09/16/09 Andy Gould (Ohio State)
Toward a Galactic Distribution of Planets
Host: Remi Soummer
09/23/09 Mark Reid (CfA)
The Structure and Dynamics of the Milky Way
Host: Ron Allen
09/30/09 Adam Riess (JHU/STScI)
Refining the Hubble Constant with a Differential Distance Ladder
Host: TBD
10/07/09 Jason X. Prochaska (UCSC)
The Opacity of the IGM at z~3.5: Implications for the EUVB and HeII Reionization
Host: Jason Tumlinson
10/14/09 Phil Hopkins (UCB)
Galaxy Collisions: A Factory for Quasars, Feedback, Ellipticals, and Disks?
Host: Rachel Somerville
10/21/09 Keivan Stassun (Vanderbilt)
Empirical Constraints on the Formation and Evolution of Low-Mass Stars and Brown Dwarfs: A Data-Intensive Approach
Host: David Soderblom
10/28/09 Mike Swain (JPL)
Exoplanet Spectroscopy - a bright present, a brilliant future
Host: Remi Soummer
11/04/09 Bruce Draine (Princeton)
Current Views for Interstellar Dust
Host: Karl Gordon
11/11/09 Nathan Smith (UCB)
The Carina Nebula: Massive Star Feedback and the Evolution of a Giant HII Region
Host: Nolan Walborn
11/18/09 Alyson Brooks (Caltech)
The Formation of Realistic Galaxy Disks
Host: Jason Kalirai
11/25/09 No Colloquium
Happy Thanksgiving!
12/03/09 Howard Bond (STScI)
Pretty Good Novae: V838 Monocerotis and Luminous Transients in Nearby Galaxies
Host: Rachel Osten
12/09/09 Sara Seager (MIT)
Bahcall Lecture: Exoplanets: From Discovery to Characterization and Beyond
Host: Bob Williams
12/16/09 Mary Putman (Columbia)
How the Galaxy Obtains its Baryons
Host: Chris Thom