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Colloquia - Spring 2009

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Date Speaker/Title
01/21/09 Edo Berger (Harvard University)
The Transient Sky: From Gamma-Ray Bursts to Pan-STARRS
Host: Andy Fruchter
01/28/09 Jennifer Lotz (National Optical Astronomy Observatories)
Galaxy Mergers: Reconciling Observations with Simulations
Host: Nor Pirzkal
02/04/09 Julianne Dalcanton (University of Washington)
The ACS Nearby Galaxy Survey Treasury: Stellar Populations with HST
Host: Roelof de Jong
02/11/09 Ken Sembach (Space Telescope Science Institute)
Rethinking the Cosmic Web
Host: Mike Fall
02/18/09 Frans Pretorius (Princeton University)
When Black Holes Collide
Host: Steve Lubow
02/25/09 Sandra Faber (University of California at Santa Cruz)
Bahcall Lecture - Title: The Galaxy-forming Main Sequence
Host: Bob Williams
03/04/09 Chris Carilli (National Radio Astronomy Observatory)
Radio Observations of the First Galaxies and Cosmic Reionization
Host: Tommy Wiklind
03/11/09 Mark Voit (Michigan State University)
Mysteries of Galaxy Cluster Cores
Host: Brad Whitmore
03/18/09 Ray Jayawardhana (University of Toronto)
Exploring Young Brown Dwarfs
Host: Christine Chen
03/25/09 Chris McKee (University of California at Berkeley)
Formation of the First Stars
Host: Jason Tumlinson
04/01/09 Ramesh Narayan (Harvard University)
Measuring Black Hole Spin
Host: Marco Chiaberge
04/08/09 Priya Natarajan (Yale University)
Is There an Upper Limit to Black Hole Masses?
Host: Harry Ferguson
04/15/09 John Carlstrom (University of Chicago)
New Results from the South Pole Telescope
Host: Massimo Stiavelli
04/22/09 Alex Szalay (Johns Hopkins University)
Non-Linear Effects in the Large-Scale Distribution of Galaxies
Host: Mike Fall
04/29/09 Lawrence Krauss (Arizona State University)
Are Fundamental Cosmological Questions Falsifiable?
Host: Mario Livio
05/06/09 No Colloquium
STScI Spring Symposium
Host: None
05/13/09 Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz (University of California at Santa Cruz)
Dead "Miniquasars" in the Nearby Universe
Host: Jason Kalirai
05/20/09 Eve Ostriker (University of Maryland)
Galactic Star Formation Rates: Feedback and Environmental Effects
Host: Margaret Meixner
05/27/09 Adam Burrows (Princeton University)
The Mechanism of Core-Collapse Supernova Explosions: Hints From the Computational Frontier
Host: Neill Reid