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Colloquia - Fall 2010

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Date Speaker/Title
09/08/10 Aristotle Socrates (Insitute of Advanced Study)
Thermal tides: An explanation for the inflated radii of the hot Jupiters
Host: Jason Tumlinson
09/15/10 STScI Workshop
No Colloquium
09/22/10 Karel Schrijver (Lockheed-Martin Adv. Tech. Ctr)
Stellar plasma physics under the microscope: Solar activity comprehensively covered
Host: Jeff Valenti
09/29/10 Herbert Frey (GSFC)
Ages of large impact basins on Mars: Implications for the Late Heavy Bombardment in the inner Solar System and the possibility of early life
Host: Keith Noll
10/06/10 Annie Baglin (Observatoire de Paris-Meudon)
Highlights of the CoRoT mission: Asteroseismology, stellar activity, and exoplanet search
Host: Myron Smith
10/13/10 Margaret Meixner (STScI)
The lifecycle of matter in the Large Magellanic Cloud: Insights from Spitzer and Herschel
Host: TBD
10/20/10 Eric Feigelson (Pennsylvania State University)
X-rays and planet formation
Host: Massimo Robberto
10/27/10 Natascha Förster-Schreiber (MPE Garching)
The growth of galaxies at z ~ 2: Insights from IFU surveys
Host: Tracy Beck
11/03/10 David W. Latham(Harvard-Smithsion Ctr for Astrophysics)
Super-Earths and life
Host: Dave Soderblom
11/10/10 Geoff Clayton (Louisiana State University)
Dust formation and evolution in core-collapse supernovae: Clues to understanding the dust content of early galaxies
Host: Jason Kalirai
11/17/10 Lars Bildsten (University of California Santa Barbara)
Faint Supernovae from Double White Dwarfs
Host: Jason Kalirai
11/24/10 Happy Thanksgiving!
No Colloquium
12/01/10 Jack Szostak (Harvard)
What can we learn about the origin of life from efforts to design an artificial cell?
Host: Daniel Apai
12/08/10 Andrea Ghez (UCLA)
Bringing our Galaxy's central black hole and its environs into focus with laser guide star adaptive optics
Host: TBD
12/15/10 Chris Sneden (Univ. of Texas at Austin)
Early Galactic nucleosynthesis: The impact of HST/STIS spectra of metal-poor stars
Host: Aaron Dotter