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Colloquia - Spring 2010

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Date Speaker/Title
01/20/10 Roeland van der Marel (STScI)
HST's Search for Intermediate-Mass Black Holes in Globular Clusters
Host: Jay Anderson
01/27/10 Charles McGruder (Kentucky)
Africa and Astronomy
Host: Peg Stanley
02/03/10 Peter Meszaros (Penn State)
Gamma Ray Bursts in the Light of Fermi and Future High Energy Experiments
Host: Andy Fruchter
No Colloquium (Recruitment Talks)
02/17/10 Joan Najita (NOAO)
New Views on the Gas in Protoplanetary Disks
Host: Christine Chen
No Colloquium (Recruitment Talks)
03/03/10 Hans-Walter Rix (MPIA, Heidelberg)
Frayed by the Fray: the Milky Way's Outskirts
Host: Rachel Somerville
Hubble Fellows Symposium
03/17/10 Scott Tremaine (IAS, Princenton)
Stellar Dynamics in the Centers of Galaxies
Host: Mike Fall
03/24/10 Hsiao-Wen Chen (Chicago)
Probing Halo Gas with QSO Absorbers--Empirical Constraints of Dark Baryons in Galactic Halos
Host: Jason Tumlinson
03/31/10 Zeljko Ivezic (UW)
Mapping the Milky Way with SDSS and LSST
Host: Jason Kalirai
04/07/10 Chuck Steidel (Caltech)
Exploration of the Circum-Galactic Medium at High Redshifts
Host: Massimo Stiavelli
04/14/10 Alyssa Goodman (CfA)
Making Stars
Host: Bob Williams
04/21/10 Jaymie Matthews (UBC)
One Small Telescope, So Many Stars: Asteroseismology and Exoplanetology with the MOST Microsat
Host: Dorothy Fraquelli and Myron Smith
04/28/10 David Weinberg (OSU)
Galaxy Formation: Observational Lessons and Theoretical Issues
Host: Jason Tumlinson
05/05/10 No Colloquium
STScI Spring Symposium
Host: None
05/12/10 Meg Urry
The Interplay of Star Formation and Black Hole Growth
Host: Antonella Nota
05/19/10 Martin Harwit (Cornell)
Some Initial Quantitative Far-Infrared/Submillimeter Observations with Herschel
Host: Ron Allen