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Wednesdays, 3:30pm (refreshments at 3:15pm), STScI Bahcall Auditorium

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STScI/JHU CoolSci Talk Series: ~~~~~ Month and Year ~~~~~
Date Speaker Title
19 Jan 2011 Jeff Valenti(STScI) "Neptune Mass Exoplanets"
Jennifer Donley(STScI) "The IR, X-ray, and Morphological Properties of Luminous Obscured AGN"
28 Jan 2011 Tim Heckman(STScI) "Local Clues to the Reionization of the Universe"
Marcel Haas(STScI) "Nature and Nurture in Galaxy Formation Simulations"
2 Feb 2011 Rosie Wyse(STScI) "Extremely Metal-Poor Stars in The Mikly Way and Its Satellites"
Jason Kalirai(STScI) "Hubble's Diamonds: Searching for the Oldest Stars in the Galaxy"
1 Jun 2011 Elizabeth Jeffery, Chris Thom, Marcel Haas, Aida Wofford; Jennifer Donley(STScI/JHU) "Postdoc Jamboree Part 1"
Bethan James, Brandon Bozek, Hannah Jang-Condell, Jonathan Seale, Larry Bradley(STScI) "Postdoc Jamboree Part 2"
9 Feb 2011 Mark Neyrinck, Martha Boyer, Dmitry Mishin, Kuntal Misra, Guilhem Lavaux(STScI/JHU) "Postdoc Jamboree Part 3"
David Neufeld(STScI) "The Mystery of Water Vapor Around Carbon Stars: Recent Results from Herschel"