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STScI/JHU CoolSci Talk Series: January-February 2012
Date Speaker Title
18 Jan 2012 Rebecca Martin (STScI) "Accretion Outbursts onto Young Stars and Planets"
Tobias Marriage (JHU) "Millimeter-wave Galaxies"
25 Jan 2012 Miguel Aragon-Calvo (JHU) "Large-scale Structure and the Cosmic Web"
Marshall Perrin (STScI) "Imaging Circumstellar Disks with HST & Adaptive Optics Coronagraphy"
1 Feb 2012 Armin Rest (STScI) "Spectroscopy of Light Echoes from Eta Carinae's 19th-Century Great Eruption"
David Thilker (JHU) "Galaxy Evolution Traced by Star Formation in Low Surface Brightness or Otherwise Atypical Environments"
8 Feb 2012 Suvi Gezari (JHU) "Extreme Transients in the Ultraviolet Universe"
Marta Sewilo (STScI) "Identification of Young Stellar Objects in the Magellanic System"