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Wednesdays, 3:30pm (refreshments at 3:15pm), STScI Bahcall Auditorium

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STScI/JHU CoolSci Talk Series: January-February 2013
Date Speaker Title
16 Jan 2013 John Debes (STScI) "Raising Fomalhaut b from the Dead and other High Contrast Adventures"
Steve Rodney (JHU) "Counting Type Ia Supernovae in the Early Universe"
23 Jan 2013 Donghui Jeong (JHU) "Probing Initial Conditions with the Large-Scale Structure of the Universe"
Rebakah Hounsell (STScI) "Classical and Recurrent Nova Light Curves from the Solar Mass Ejection Imager (SMEI)"
30 Jan 2013 Maria Pena-Guerrero (STScI) "Accounting for the Presence of Dust, Ionization Structure, and Thermal Structure in Determining Abundances of HII Regions"
Tamas Budavari (JHU) "Toward the Hubble Source Catalog"