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STScI/JHU CoolSci Talk Series: January 2017
Date Speaker Title
11 Jan 2017 Marco Chiaberge (STScI/JHU) "The HST view of powerful radio galaxies at z>1: laboratories for galaxy mergers and black hole mergers"
Gail Zasowski (STScI) "Dynamics in the Inner Milky Way"
18 Jan 2017 Christine H. Chen (STScI/JHU) "Characterizing Dusty Debris Disks with the Gemini Planet Imager"
Jeffrey Cummings (JHU) "High-Mass White Dwarfs and the Initial-Final Mass Relation​"
25 Jan 2017 Jason Tumlinson (STScI/JHU) "Circumgalactic Matters: A Review"
Richard I. Anderson (JHU) "Supporting parallax measurements and providing new insights into stellar pulsations using high-precision radial velocities"
01 Feb 2017 Karoline Gilbert (STScI) "Stellar Halo Formation in a Hierarchical Universe: Lessons from Andromeda "
Daniel Shafer (JHU) "Looking high and low: Testing Lambda-CDM at extreme redshifts"